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Themathdots package

If the LAT E Xandtheamsmath package are detected, the commands\dddot and\ddddotare modified to get the same size changing behavior in'scripts. They also correct a positioning bug in theamsmathcode.

Math symbols defined by LaTeX package«amsmath»

Math symbols defined by LaTeX package«amsmath» No. Text Math Macro Category Requirements Comments 0205F \: =\medspace (amsmath), MEDIUM MATHEMATICAL SP ACE, four-eighteenths of an em 020DB x⃛... x \dddot mathaccentamsmath =\DDDot (wrisym), COMBINING THREE DOTS ABOVE 020DC x⃜.... x \ddddot ...

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Medical Examination Report FOR COMMERCIAL DRIVER FITNESS DETERMINATION 649-F (6045) 1. DRIVER'S INFORMATION Driver completes this section Date of Exam M Recertification M / D / Y Driver's Name (Last, First, Middle) Social Security No. Birthdate Age Sex New Certification F Follow-up Address City ...

Math AutoCorrect symbols

\cup \dalet \dashv \dd \Dd \ddddot \dddot \ddot \ddots \degree \delta \Delta \diamond \diamondsuit \div \dot \doteq \dots \downarrow \Downarrow \dsmash \ee \ell \emptyset \end \epsilon \Epsilon \eqarray

The accents Package

Of course, if you use some faked accent many times, you can dene: \newcommand\starred[1]{\accentset{\star}{#1}} and\starred will become an accent, like\hat, \tilde, etc. \dddot\ddddot Two prefabricatedfak ed accents:: : : fand: : : : f. \underaccent{haccenti}{hsymboli} This command puts the haccentiunder ...

OpenOffice.org HowTo:

... Circumflex hat a  a Line above bar a  a Dot dot a ˙ a Wide vector arrow widevec abc  abc Wide tilde widetilde abc  abc Wide circumflex widehat abc  abc Double dot ddot ¨ a Line over overline abc abc Line under Underline abc abc Line through overstrike acb acb Ripple dot dddot ...


DDDOT has made a lot of progress in improving the data quality and eliminating list of comments from FHWA. DDOT has always been submitting the required report on or much before the due date, June 15 of each year.

Unicode characters and corresponding LaTeX math mode commands

... of an em 020D0 " x \lvec mathaccentwrisym COMBINING LEFT HARPOON ABOVE 020D1 " x \vec mathaccentwrisym COMBINING RIGHT HARPOON ABOVE 020D6 ' x \LV ec mathaccentwrisym #\overleftarrow, COMBINING LEFT ARROW ABOVE 020D7 ◊ x \vec mathaccent-wrisym =\Vec (wrisym), #\overrightarrow, COMBINING RIGHT ARROW ABOVE 020DB — x \dddot ...

2.2 Overand underarrows

\dddotand \ddddotareavailabletoproducetripleandquadrupledotaccents in additiontothe\dotand \ddotaccents already available in L A T E X: ... Q .... R \[\dddot{Q}\qquad\ddddot{R}\]

B.1 HebrewandGreekletters - APPENDIX B Mathsymboltables

\dddot{a} ... a \spdddot ... \ddddot{a} .... a \grave{a} a` \hat{a} aˆ \widehat{a} ba \sphat b \mathring{a} ˚a \tilde{a} a˜ \widetilde{a} ea \sptilde