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Handbook Deacon – Widow Ministry

Deacons often are assigned several families if their church uses the Deacon Family Ministry Plan, a well-know process of assuring that all families in the church receive ministry, particularly in times of special need.


3 These guidelines address some of the procedures for deacons functioning in the Albany Diocese. They are a compilation of some of the expectations, guidelines and procedures for deacons of the Church of Albany.

As One Who Serves

The Ministryofthe Deacon A recent survey of Reformed Church in Am erica deacons was very revealing. Few deacons (6 percent) felt"very prepared"for their duties; 55 percent felt"prepared"; and alargeportion (39 percent) responded that they were"not very prepared."When asked to rank in order of ...


—A CTS vi. 3-5. " "Deacons, in like manner, must be grave, not double-tongued, not given to much wine, not greedy of filthy lucre; holding the mystery of the faith in a pure conscience.

Deacons client's seminar on Regulatory Risks for Directors ...

technical bulletin Deacons client's seminar on Regulatory Risks for Directors and Officers On 3 June 2010 (Part I) and 16 September 2010 (Part II), we presented a two-part seminar discussing the areas which company officers should watch out for under the regulatory regime in Hong Kong.

Deacon Beacon Volume 5 June 2008

Saint Paul's letter talks to us — as Christians, and as deacons, we too are to ensure that we provide the right "scratch" for the "itch". People will have their "itch" satisfied with something.

Hong Kong’s First Authorised RMB Fund - Deacons Financial ...

client alert Hong Kong’s First Authorised RMB Fund On 6 August 2010, Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) authorised the first investment fund


Develop list/schedule of all men who are willing to read scripture, serve on the Lord's Table, Lead Prayer, prepare Lord's Table implements, pick up visitor cards, open/close building (deacons with keys), man sound system, monitor baptistery, etc.

Give Me a D-E-A-C-O-N! What’s That Spell? It Depends on ...

deacon ministry, particularly the nature and duties of deacons, in order to answer definitively what a deacon should be. Out with the Old, In with the New—Transitioning Eras for Deacons in Baptist Life


1 THE ORDINATION OF DEACONS If a minister follows the right process, ordaining deacons can be a blessing to them and the church. What process should you follow?