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Deafness - the facts

Deafness – the facts HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE AFFECTED? • Almost 9 million people in the UK, 1 in 7 of the population, suffer from deafness or experience significant hearing difficulty


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Genetics and Deafness - WHAT IS GENETICS?

Factsheet on the role that genetics can play in deafness.

Deafness, an Introduction

Prelingual Deafness: a Definition Prelingual Deafness , for the purposes of this discuss ion, means deafness in persons whose onset was before they learned the language of their environm ent.


About this publication This is a guide for parents with young children who have recently been told that their child is deaf, or who are in the process of getting a

Understanding the

Understanding the Genetics of Deafness A Guide for Patients and Families Understanding the Genetics of Deafness This Booklet was created by: Heidi L. Rehm, Ph.D. Associate Director, Harvard Medical School Center for Hereditary Deafness Instructor of Pathology, Harvard Medical School Associate ...

Hearthe other side - a report on Single Sided Deafness

A Report by the Advisory Group for Single Sided Deafness Supported by Entific Medical Systems Hearthe other side - a report on Single Sided Deafness E80414 SSD - Report 03-03-14 16.35 Sidan 1

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Image description. Better Health Channel logo End of image description. Imagedescrip Deafness - a range of causes The ear is our organ of hearing.

Deafness and Hearing Loss

Disability Fact Sheet #3 (FS3) Caroline was immediately fitted with hearing aids. She also began receiving special education and related services through the public school system.


ARE YOU BEING HEARD? INFORMATION and TEACHING TIPS for teachers of students with a hearing loss Written in partnership by: Janice Knuckey (Deaf Children Australia) and the Education Committee (Deafness Foundation) Marie Fram (Chairperson) Noeleen Bieske Jan Metherell Stacey Milner Sandra Pizi ...