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Introduction to LD Debate

-3-© Seth Halvorson & Cherian Koshy, 2006 ABOUT THE AUTHORS Seth Halvorson, Columbia University (NY) Cherian Koshy, Apple Valley HS (MN) Dr. Halvorson and Mr. Koshy both debated for Apple Valley High School in Minnesota during the 1990s and were the two Minnesota State Champions from Apple ...

Protein Debate

Introduction Protein plays a litany of roles in living systems: structural elements, peptide hormones, cell recognition, antibodies… the list is staggering and continues to grow as our understanding of biology expands.

Student Outline for the Mini-Debate Process

1 Student Outline for the Mini-Debate Process Mini-debates don't require the extensive time and preparation of formal debates. So, they are easier for students and teachers to create, but still get the key learning advantages.


ABOUT THE NATIONAL ENERGY FOUNDATION The National Energy Foundation is a unique non-profit organization dedicated to the devel opment, dissemination, and implementation of supplementary educational materials, pro

Understanding Lincoln Douglas Debate

Spring 2005----- 45 Understanding Lincoln Douglas Debate Audra R. Diers, Mesa State College Webmaster's Note - The URL for the NFA-LD website was changed to reflect a permanent link.

The Benefits of Debate

The Benefits of Debate Why Supporting High School Debate is a Worthwhile Project 1 The core of competitive high school debate is to examine every side of important and controversial issues in an atmosphere of reasoned argument and respectful discourse.

Darfur and the Genocide Debate

what's in a name? In Sudan's western Darfur region, a massive campaign of ethnic violence has claimed the lives of more than 70,000 civilians and uprooted an estimated 1.8 million more since February 2003.

The Chartjunk Debate – A Close Examination of Recent Findings

Is the author trying to communicate some message through the chart? Is the author trying to get across a specific point or is he or she merely presenting objective information.

Alexander the Great - Debate

Did Alexander the Great deserve the distinction of being called "Great"? http://www.helium.com/debates/239609-alexander-the-great-military-genius-or-murderous-madman/side_by_side?page=1 Why is the Macedonian General and King, Alexander the Great, so great?

Old-age pensions - the debate

Old-age pensions - the debate 1. The early warning: ILO on fashionable Chilean pension reform Analysis of a national private pension scheme: the case of Chile Gillion, C; Bonilla Garcia, A.; International Labour Review.