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Chinese–English Debating Society P.O. Box 27562, Honolulu ...

Chinese–English Debating Society P.O. Box 27562, Honolulu, HI 96817; also c/o Robert Au, tel: 944-8140 (home), 781-8140 (cell) Mission: 1) To encourage cultural, literary, and benevolent activities, especially in

S TATISTICS FOR D EBATE C OACHES - 1. Don’t rely on them ...

you, it’s still you doing the debating. Your brain is coming up with the arguments. Good performance may be completely due to chance, but it does show what you are

Debating Tutorial Handouts

Page 4 General Rules & Guidelines for Debating The aim of this page is to give you an idea of how to debate. It's not just a simple case of standing up and saying the first thing that comes into your head.

Debating: A Brief Introduction for Beginners

© 2008 Debating SA Incorporated. All rights reserved. Page 1 of 11 WHAT IS DEBATING? We live in a world where we communicate with others all the time.

Advanced Debating Notes

NEW ZEALAND SCHOOLS' DEBATING.: http://www.debating.org.nz A free debating resource provided by the New Zealand Schools' Debating Council for regional development.

What is Debating?

What is Debating? By definition, a debate is a speaking situation in which opposing theories are offered as possible solutions to a problem or question; the proponents of each theory attempt to convince judges and audience that their approach is preferable to that presented by their opponents.

When Good Teams Go Wrong

HBR AT LARGE The Nut Island Effect When Good Teams Go Wrong They were hardworking, uncomplaining, and dedicated beyond the call of duty. Yet the extraordinary team that ran a vital wastewater treatment plant actually brought about disaster.


GENERAL RULES FOR DEBATE (as of October 14 th, 2007) 01. A Director appointed by the organization conducting any debating tournament shall prescribe the resolutions, schedules, composition of teams, speaking times, and Procedural Regulations for the tournament and where any dispute arises ...

Debating Techniques, Calvin School of Apologetics

2 of 18 Chapter -1 Analysis Of Debating Techniques Debating is one method for bringing out truth. Many subjects have more than one aspect, each one of them claiming to be true.

Time Limits: 6 min substantive speeches, 3min leader's reply ...

DEBATING NOTES Important Vocabulary: Moot: The 'topic' of the debate Affirming : Supporting the moot. Negating: Disagreeing with the moot. Model : The course of action proposed by the affirmative team Rebuttal: Points made in reply to the opposition's argument Leader's Reply: The 1 st or 2 nd ...