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Noise Basics

Noise Basics Introduction You have probably heard that loud noise can cause deafness. Various media articles tell us about teenagers losing their hearing at ear-splitting rock concerts, soldiers developing hearing loss from artillery fire, and people going deaf after an explosion.

How to Read An Audiogram

I NTENSITY ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ The measurement of hearing consists of two parameters: the frequency or pitch of the sound and the intensity or loudness of a sound.

Jaycar Electronics Reference Data Sheet: DECIBELS.PDF (1)

You donít have to be involved very long in electronics, hifi or professional audio before you come across the term decibels, or its contraction ëdBí.

53 West 53rd Street FEIS

17-1 Chapter 17: Noise A. INTRODUCTION The potential for noise impacts from the proposed 53 West 53rd Street project is examined in this chapter. The proposed project would not generate sufficient traffic to have the potential to cause a significant noise impact (i.e., it would not result in a ...

Noise and Hearing Protection FactSheet

Noise and Hearing Protection FactSheet HS04-050B (4-06) One in 10 Americans has a hearing loss that affects his or her ability to understand normal speech.

Silencer A Varmint Hunter's Best Friend

©Copyright 2010, The Varmint Hunters Association, Inc. PO Box 759 • Pierre, SD • 57501 • 605-224-6665 Another benefit of a silencer is reduced felt recoil.


WIND FARMS TECHNICAL PAPER Environmental Noise Prepared for CLEAN ENERGY COUNCIL Suite 201, 18 Kavanagh Street SOUTHBANK 3006 November 2010 S3387 C6 Sonus Pty Ltd 17 Ruthven Avenue ADELAIDE SA 5000 Phone: (08) 8231 2100 Facsimile: (08) 8231 2122 www.sonus.com.au ABN: 67 882 843 130


2-4.1 DECIBEL (dB) The Decibel is a subunit of a larger unit called the bel. As originally used, the bel represented the power ratio of 10 to 1 between the strength or intensity i.e., power, of two sounds, and was named after Alexander Graham Bell.

EIS 27 - Control of noise at metal-cutting saws

HSE information sheet Control of noise at metal-cutting saws Introduction This information sheet provides guidance to assist machine users and manufacturers/suppliers in reducing employees' noise exposure when using metal-cutting saws.


LIGHTWEIGHT CONCRETE INFORMATION SHEET No. 8 EXPANDED SHALE CLAY AND SLATE INSTITUTE - SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH 84117 SOUND TRANSMISSION PROPERTIES The control of sound in rooms of buildings may be classified with respect to the origin of the sound-namely: sounds originating within the room and ...