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Forest Plantations on Degraded Lands

IFC in Indonesia Indonesia has worked hard to recover from the 1998 financial crisis. Despite its large, diverse and growing economy, poverty remains widespread.

Degraded Water Reuse: An Overview

S-157 Communities around the world face increasingly severe fresh water supply shortages, largely due to expanding populations and associated food supply, economic development, and health

Rehabilitation of degraded tropical forest ecosystems project

Agency and ITTO 1991). Tropical forest loss and degradation affect not only timber production but also local and global environments and are causes of flooding, erosion, landslides, desertification and other natural disasters.

Rehabilitation and Restoration of Degraded Forests

IUCN's Forest Conservation Programme IUCN supports a people-centred approach to conservation that ensures that biological resources are positively employed to help secure sustainable and desirable livelihoods.

Full Spectrum™ Degraded RNA Amplification Kit

SBI Application Note Full Spectrum™ RNA Amplification Expression Analysis of Amplified RNA from Formalin-Fixed, Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) Tissues September 2005 Introduction Most clinical tissue samples are preserved using formalin fixation followed by embedding in paraffin.

Characterization of new miniSTR loci to aid analysis of ...

JForensicSci, Jan. 2005, Vol. 50, No. 1 Paper IDJFS2004216 Available online at: www.astm.org MichaelD. Coble, 1 Ph.D. and John M. Butler, 1 Ph.D. Characterization of New MiniSTR Loci to Aid Analysis of Degraded DNA ∗ ABSTRACT: A number of studies have demonstrated that successful analysis of ...

Restoring Degraded Face Images: A Case Study in Matching ...

IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INFORMATION FORENSICS AND SECURITY, VOL. 6, NO. 2, JUNE 2011 371 Restoring Degraded Face Images: A Case Study in Matching Faxed, Printed, and Scanned Photos Thirimachos Bourlai , Member, IEEE ,Ar unRoss , Senior Member, IEEE , and Anil K. Jain , Fellow, IEEE Abstract— We ...

Wetland restoration involves renewing natural and historical ...

degraded. What Is Restoration? R estoration is the return of a degraded wet land or former wetland to its preexisting naturally functioning condition, or a condition


2 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY I. INTRODUCTION A. Definition and Extent of Land Degradation in SSA Land degradation is one of the biggest problems in Sub-Saharan Africa, threatening the lives of millions of people.

Naming the Dead — Confronting the Realities of Rapid ...

Naming the Dead — Confronting the Realities of Rapid Identification of Degraded Skeletal Remains a REFERENCES: Edson SM, Ross JP, Coble MD, Parson TJ, Barritt SM: Naming the dead — Confronting the realities of rapid identification of degraded skeletal remains; Forensic Sci Rev 16:63-90; 2004.