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Seattle Permits

Demolition of Housing Many Seattle Land Use Code regulations concerning demolition are focused on the protection of housing. Housing demolition is discouraged when demolition is to make way for a small institution, a major institution, a telecommunications utility, or a public school.

Instructions and Supporting Materials

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Bureau of Waste Prevention • Air Quality BWP AQ 06 Notification Prior to Construction or Demolition Instructions and Supporting Materials aq06ins.doc • rev. 7/07 BWP AQ 06 Instructions • Page 1 of 4 Table of Contents • Introduction ...

Standard Specification Section 02222, Division 2

april 30, 2007 02222-1 selective demolition construction standard specification section 02222 selective demolition page part 1 - general 1.01 summary.....2

Green Demolition - South Valley Superfund Site, Albuquerque ...

"As far as the demolition project, it went off without a hitch - it was awesome - we couldn't have expected the project to go any better than it did."…."


policy and procedures manual demolition requirements module l demolition policy and procedures l page 1. i. introduction.....2 a. key terms ...

Subject: Demolition: dealing with buildings that contain asbestos

Date: April 2008 Subject: Demolition: dealing with buildings that contain asbestos 1 This note has been prepared in order to clarify the position with regard to the demolition of structures in which asbestos containing materials (ACMs) are located. 2 Background 2.1The Control of Asbestos ...

Demolition of the Lake Champlain Bridge

Lake Champlain Bridge Facts: - Completed in 1929 - 2187 feet long, main span is 434 feet - 95 feet typical clearance over water - Continuous Truss design • 14 total spans - 1 half-through truss main span - 5 deck truss spans - 8 short steel girder spans

Code of Practice - (No 14) Demolition

Code of Practice - (No 14) Demolition 01 October 1991 Uncontrolled Copy Printed on 26/07/01 Copyright Victorian WorkCover Authority Melbourne Australia1 What is a Code of Practice?

Renovation, Demolition &

Renovation, Demolition & Asbestos What Building Owners & Contractors Should Know S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control Asbestos Section 803-898-4289 Q. Am I required to submit notification of all renovation projects?

TIP sheet - demolition

Minimum requirements A principal contractor shall be appointed for all demolition work. The principal contractor shall: Either be the RTA or a WorkCover NSW demolition licensed organisation prequalified by the Department of Commerce.