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Your First Deposition

The Colorado Lawyer | November 2007 | Vol. 36, No. 11 119 T he difference in preparing for the first deposition and the one-hundredth is this: nothing.


Guidelines for Deposition Page 1 of 5 GUIDELINES FOR GIVING YOUR DEPOSITION WHAT IS A DEPOSITION? A deposition is your testimony under oa th.

Discovery: Gaining a Foothold for the Defense

The Deposition. A copyrighted excerpt from. Adverse Events, Stress, and Litigation: A Physician’ s Guide . by Sara. Charles, MD, and Paul R. Frisch, JD

Rule 30(b)(6) Deposition Question Topics

APPLIED DISCOVERY SAMPLE DOCUMENT The parameters of a Rule 30(b)(6) deposition may vary greatly from case to case, but the following categories of deposition questions and topics will serve as a good outline when preparing questions for deposition or when preparing a corporate witness for ...


3 T he Deposition Handbook for the Ophthalmologist was developed by OMIC's Risk Management and Claims Committees. It is the result of the contributions and cooperation of ophthalmologists, medical malpractice defense law yers, and risk management p ro f e s s i o n a l s .

Deposition Subpoena For Personal Appearances And Production ...

SUBP-020 THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA, TO (name, address, and telephone number of deponent, if known): 1. YOU ARE ORDERED TO APPEAR IN PERSON TO TESTIFY AS A WITNESS in this action at the following date, time, and place: Date: Time: Address:


Acid deposition, commonly known as acid rain, occurs when emissions from the combustion of fossil fuels and other industrial processes undergo complex chemical reactions in the atmosphere and fall to the earth as wet deposition (rain, snow, cloud, fog) or dry deposition (dry particles, gas).

Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition

E arth processes are dynamic actions that occur both on the earth's surface and inside the earth. Any process that breaks down earth material, such as water eroding the side of a hill, is called a destructive process.

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The deposition notice includes topics related to the distant past. Key employees have retired, been terminated or now work for a competitor.


particularly when the deponent is located far away. James L. Underwood, A Guide to Federal Discovery Rules (American Law Institute 1979). Because of the limitations of the deposition upon written questions, oral depositions are usually worth the extra cost and should be employed in almost every ...