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The ABCs of Desalting

Desalting: A Treatment Process Desalting, as discussed in this booklet, refers to a water treatment process that removes salts from water. It is also called desalination or desalinization , but it means the same thing.


DESALTING FACTS AMTA DESALTING FACTS 7/18/2001 WHAT IS DESALTING? Water desalting, or desalination, has long been utilized by water-short nations worldwide to produce or augment drinking water supplies.

PD-10 Desalting Columns

GE Healthcare Instructions 52-1308-00 BB PD-10 Desalting Columns PD-10 Desalting Columns contains •30 prepacked disposable PD-10 Desalting Columns containing 8.3 ml of Sephadex™ G-25 Medium •4 adapters •Instructions for use Purpose PD-10 Desalting Columns are prepacked and designed for ...

Desalting Handbook for Planners

3rd Edition, July 2003 Desalination and Water Purification Research and Development Program Report No. 72 United States Department of the Interior Bureau of Reclamation Technical Service Center Water Treatment Engineering and Research Group Desalting Handbook for Planners

Desalting columns

FT-84874 For any question, Contact your local distributor Uptima, powered by uptima@interchim.com P. 1 Desalting columns Description Columns filled with G-25 gel for rapid desalting of biomolecules (proteins, nucleic acids…)

HiTrap Desalting

Instructions 71-7154-00 AK HiTrap Desalting columns GE Healthcare HiTrap Desalting HiTrap TM Desalting is a prepacked, ready to use column for group separation between high and low molecular weight substances, i.e., buffer exchange prior to or after different chromatographic steps, removal of ...


Discussing desalting costs, however, in terms of dollars per 1000 gallons is one common way to show how desalting costs compare with the costs of existing supplies.

Desalting With Bio-Gel®P-6DGDesaltingGel

Introduction Bio-Gel P-6DG desalting gel is a spherical polyacrylamide gel that has been optimized specifically for desalting and buffer exchange.

PD-10 Desalting column

p2 PD-10 Desalting Workmate and LabMate Buffer Reservoir PD-10 Desalting Workmate is designed to fulfil the needs of a column stand for PD-10 Desalting columns.

Desalting as an Environmentally Friendly Water Process

Bureau of Reclamation Mission Statement The mission of the Bureau of Reclamation is to manage, develop, and protect water and related resources in an~~vironmentally and economically sound manner in the interest of the Amencan public.