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HELPING CUSTOMERS DELIVER TM DESCARTES WEBSIMON ™ MANAGING RATE INFORMATION ACROSS A GLOBAL ENTERPRISE The complex nature of tariffs and the sheer abundance of pricing information mean that carriers must have a quick, efficient way to find the right rate or quote to charge a customer.


HELPING CUSTOMERS DELIVER TM PRODUCT INFORMATION: webDoc ™ SERVICE Looking Forward to gLobaL SucceSS Freight forwarders - including NVOCCs, 3PLs, brokers and other transportation intermediaries - play an important role in helping shippers move cargo from one city, state, country or continent ...

Descartes' Rationalist Epistemology

Newman 1 Descartes' Rationalist Epistemology Forthcoming in the Blackwell Companion to Rationalism Lex Newman University of Utah - Dept of Philosophy lnewman@philosophy.utah.edu Doubtless Descartes belongs in the rationalist tradition.

Descartes’ theory of sensory representation

National Endowment for the Humanities Division of Research Programs Excerpt from a Successful Application This excerpt from a summer stipends application is provided as an example of a funded proposal.

Descartes, Epistemic Principles, Epistemic Circularity, and ...

This is from an old floppy disk I recently found in my attic, but it appears to be very close to how this paper appeared in the 1992 Pacific Philosophical Quarterly .--KDR Descartes, Epistemic Principles, Epistemic Circularity, and Scientia Keith DeRose At the very start of the Meditations, (1 ...

Descartes’ Analytic Geometry:

2 Descartes' Analytic Geometry: Plotting the Future of Mathematics René Descartes dipped his quill pen into the ink. "This is one thing which I believe the ancient mathematicians did not observe," he wrote, "for otherwise they would not have put so much labor into writing so many books in which ...

DesCartes - Tool from NWEA for Guiding Instruction

DesCartes - Tool from NWEA for Guiding Instruction DesCartes is a new tool from NWEA that makes connections between specific academic skills and RIT scores.

Kant's "I think" versus Descartes' "I am a thing that thinks"

-1-Kant's "I think" versus Descartes' "I am a thing that thinks" With one exception, all references to Descartes in Kant's Critique of Pure Reason occur in the Transcendental Dialectic.

Descartes’ Discourse on Method

Philosopher who would be Scientist: René Descartes and the Discourse on Method Descartes’ Discourse on Method

I. Descartes' Proof from Preservation

1 Kathleen E. Holtz René Descartes' Meditations on First Philosophy serve as his effort to "set out the very thoughts which have enabled [him …] to arrive at a certain and evident knowledge of the truth."