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Intellectual Competencies

Describea situation in which you were the most angry you have been in years. 19. Self~Awareness a. Have you gotten any sort of systematic or regular feedback from direct reports, clients, peers, supervisors, etc. and if so, what did you learn?

CS 473G: Combinatorial Algorithms, Fall 2005 Homework1

Given a set Sand a collection of three element subsets of S, X3M (or exact 3-dimensional matching) is the problem of determining whether there is a subcollection ofndisjoint triples that exactly cover S. Describea polynomial-time reduction from 3partitionto X3M.

Introduction to the Least-Squares Regression Line

The goal in regression is often to describea relationship between a response variable Yandan explanatory variableXand/or to predict Yforagivenvalue of X.

Portfolio optimization with linear and fixed transaction costs

Boydand Vandenberghe (2004) give an introduction to the field and describea large number of applications. Some specific types of nonlinear convex optimization problems have been the focus of much research, both in terms of algorithms and applications.


Give a context free grammar for the language, A 3, where A 3 ={w2|9i,j 2 Z 0. w=a i b j c i+j} (f) ( 10 points ) Describea PDA that recognizes language A 3.

Classical Dynamics: Example Sheet 1

Show that if the electron is pro-jectedfromapoint (r 0,* 0,z 0) with velocityú r=ú z=0 and ú *=2 eg (z 0) /m, then it will describea circular orbit provided that g′ (z 0) =0.

Gaspard2 UML profile Documentation

Most of Gaspard2 elements are based on the UML2 Componentmetaclass with its ports. factorization The factorization package represents Array-OL concepts that perform array computing and model factorization. hardwareArchitecture This package contains all the components that describea hardware architecture ...

An Overview of

VOL 6, I SSUE 5 l H-EMA WA RE l l 13 Q: What is "thrombophilia"? A: Thrombophilia is a term used to describea group of conditions in which thereis an increased tendency, often repeated and often overan extended period of time, forexces-siveclotting.

Quiz 1Practice Problems

(a) Describea construction of a binary tree on n nodes with width (1) . What is the height of this tree? (b) Describea construction of a binary tree on n nodes withn/2 leaves and width (1) .

Where do Ibegin?

An observational investigation An observational investigation is one that: * does not generally start out with a question (hypothesis, 1.3.3.) * sets out to examine an aim and objectives (1.3.) * does generate data that describea specific system * may lead to the construction of hypotheses after the ...