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CpSc 421

... (10 points) {M|M describesa TM that halts when run with the empty string for input. } Solution: Let A ...

PSL: Beyond Hardware Verification

The disjunction of two SEREs, using the|operator, describesa scenario in which either the left-hand side or the right-hand side of the disjunction (or both) must occur.


The new system describesa centralized vaccine distribution network of from one to three national distribution centers which will distribute allVFCvaccinesto both public and private vaccine providers.

Concurrent Bug Patterns and How to Test Them

A design pattern [5]describesa recurrent problem and the core of the solution to that problem. Solutions are described in terms of objects, interfaces, and their relations.

Rosen, Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications, 6thedition ...

Determine if the following describesa function with the given domain and codomain. f : N → N where f ( n )= x +4 , if n< 7 x 2, if n> 4. Solution: ...


The important issue of data association finds its treatment in Section 4, which describesa constant time technique for calculating local probabilities necessary to make data association decisions.

Checking for Dimensional Correctness in Physics Equations

This paper describesa technique for determining the dimensional consistency of algebraic equations in physics using constraint propagation.

Bioconductor Rpackagesfor exploratory analysis and ...

This is page 1 Printer: Opaque this 1 Bioconductor Rpackagesfor exploratory analysis and normalization ofcDNA microarraydata Sandrine Dudoit Yee HwaYang Abstract This chapter describesa collection of four Rpackagesforex-ploratory analysis and normalization of two-colorcDNAmicroarray fluorescence ...

Journal of Chromatography A

This paper describesa powerful approach and specific methods for peak pattern matching to identify and classify constituent peaks in data from LC×LC and other multidimensional chemical separations.

The CDISC Procedure for SAS Software Release 8.2 and Later

ItemGroupDef describesa particular instance of an item group. CodeList defines a discrete set of permitted values for an item. Eachmetadata entity contains internal and external attributes that identify the data entity for which it provides information.