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Fundamentals of Purge and Trap

The recommended setting for the system is flow rate of 40 ml/min for a period of 11 minutes for a purge volume of 440 ml. Desorb Mode The purged analytes are now trapped onto a solid sorbent.

GE Healthcare Biacore™ Maintenance Calendar

GE Healthcare Biacore™ Routine Maintenance Use the Maintenance Chip when running methods Desorb and Sanitize (and Superclean *). Before usage, inspect both sides of the chip.

Division of Public Health Services

E-mail received from MICE on 6/19/2001: The desorb times specified in SW-846 are just recommendations. You can use lower desorb times as long as method performance is not adversely affected.

Desorbing Water in Vacuum Systems: Bakeout or UV?

Desorbing Water in Vacuum Systems: Bakeout or UV? Shorter pumpdown times or lower pressures can be achieved by using either bakeout or UV energy to desorb water vapor.

Suggestions for Successful Binding Experiments

Begin the desorb procedure (under working tools). Follow the instructions. One of the desorb solutions is kept on the low shelf next to the Biacore, the other can be found on the second shelf on the door of the fridge under the Biacore computer.

Purge-and-Trap System Guide

For traps that desorb at 220 ° C or less, Teflon ® ferrules work well. When traps desorb at 240 ° C or higher, Teflon tends to shrink, and therefore leak, unless the ferrules are constantly retightened.

Fast and Efficient Volatiles Analysis by Purge and Trap GC/MS

Many laboratories choose wide bore capillary columns with jet separators when running Method 8260B because they can easily accept the high flow rates required to efficiently desorb the trap.

Fibrinogen in Plasma by Rate

Desorb U: 15 mL vials of this reagent requiring no reconstitution. The Desorb U is a decontamination reagent for the STA-Compact. Store at 2-8 o C until use.

Analysis of 524.2 Compounds Utilizing a Split Inlet

Experimental Tekmar 3000 Parameters Line Temp: 150°C Desorb Flow: 20 ml/min. Valve Temp: 150°C MCS Desorb Temp: * N/A (100°C) MCS Line Temp: * N/A (100°C) Trap Type: VOCARB 3000 Sample Size: 25 ml Desorb Preheat: 255°C TPC Setting: 5 psi Desorb Temp: 260°C Purge Flow: 38 ml/min. Desorb Time: 2 min. Purge Ready Temp ...

Developing an eMethod for the Analysis of Volatile Organic ...

... 11.00 min Purge temperature 0 °C (that is, less than the purge ready temp of 45 °C) Purge flow 40 mL/min Purge rinse time 0.40 min Purge line time 0.35 min Dry purge time 0.00 min (Dry purge not used) Dry purge temp 40 °C Dry purge flow 200 mL/min GC start Start of desorb Desorb preheat temperature 245 °C Desorb ...