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Predator Revision Update Instructions (for Trinity, please ...

You Need. USB/Serial Cable and Power Source #U7778 OR Serial/Serial Cable and Power Source #U7777 (For new computers that only have USB ports) (Win-XP computers that have a serial port)

User Manual

Update Diablo CAM: UPDATE DIABLOCAM - This function is used to program new firmware in a Wireless DiabloCam. The file must have the extension .dup RESTORE ORIGINAL BOOT DIABLO CAM 1.

How To: Upload a Custom Tune to Your Predator or Trinity

How To: Upload a Custom Tune to Your Predator or Trinity NOTE to Ford Owners: If you have a Predator number U7146/U7142/U7153, you must use the instructions titled "U7146/U7142/U7153 Custom tune installation instruction" PREP: NOTE: DSDownloader does not work with Belkin brand USB-serial cables ...


www.dvc.edu . catalog (11-12) pleasant hill campus . san ramon valley center. diablo valley college

Diablo Valley School

"Being able to explore any subject, learn any skill, without the pressure of grades or competition is an amazing, rare thing." Sarah, graduate "There's something about the atmosphere at DVS that makes you want to do what's most challenging.

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Getting Started (PC) SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Computer: Diablo® II: Lord of Destruction requires an IBM® PC or 100% compatible computer with a Pentium® 233 MHz or better processor.

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