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Ultrafiltration with variable volume diafiltration: a novel ...

Desalination 199 (2006) 220-221 Presented at EUROMEMBRANE 2006, 24-28 September 2006, Giardini Naxos, Italy. Ultrafiltration with variable volume diafiltration: a novel approach to water saving in diafiltration processes Greg Foley School of Biotechnology and National Institute for Cellular ...

Diafiltration time optimization

Diafiltration time optimization In a concentration process, the optimized crossflow and TMP conditions established above can be used to identify the diafiltration point (the point which provides the fastest buffer exchange), and optimal buffer consumption.

Diafiltration and Concentration of Human Serum Albumin

Author Frank Meyeroltmanns Head of Product Management, Crossflow Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH, Goettingen, Germany Abstract Human Serum Albumin (HSA) is usually obtained from plasma (Picture 1) according to Cohn or a variation of the Cohn proced ure from the Kistler-Nitschmann process.

Functional properties of soybean and lupin protein ...

Functional Properties of Soybean and Lupin Protein Concentrates Produced by Ultrafiltration-Diafiltration Functional properties of soybean and lupin protein concentrates produced by ultrafiltration-diafiltration

A Presanitized, Purpose-Designed, Single-Use TFF Strategy

The diafiltration permeate volume (DV) collected was 1,600 mL (corresponding to 4 DV). The total process time was 3.25 hours, which could be separated into a diafiltration process time of 1.62 hours and a concentration process time of 1.63 hours.

Research Paper

In the diafiltration process, the purifiedretentate or concentrate was directed to a separateretentate collector (Fig. 1a), and the feed reservoir was diluted by water at the same rate as filtrate or permeate was being generated, hence maintaining acon-stantvolume.

Purification of lignin fuel from kraft black liquor by ...

Purification of lignin fuel from kraft black liquor by diafiltration Cecilia Johansson Department of Chemical Engineering, Lund University, Lund Sweden Abstract In this paper diafiltration's influence on ash content and lignin yield after ultrafiltration of kraft black liquor was investigated.

Micro/Nanofiber Media for Biopharmaceutical Filtration

Every biopharmaceutical process is different and requires a different level of filtration but, in general, the process can be broken down into fermentation, cell harvest, clarification, purification, diafiltration, virus removal and sterile filtration.

Colloidal Silica Filtration case study

V SEP is uniquely able to be used as a diafiltration process and then to dewater in a single pass. During diafiltration, a UF membrane is used which will reject the particles and allow the salty water to pass through the membrane.

Upstream Downstream Vaccines Dec 2007

Inoculum preparation in roller bottles (passage 133-138) Cell expansion on Cytodex 3 beads (bioreactor step 1, 2, 3) Virus propagation (lytic process) Cell separation (harvesting) Inactivation (formalin and UV) Sucrose gradient purification (purification-1) Ultra-diafiltration (purification-2) Formulation and ...