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En kritisk diskussionaf psykisk lidelse og diagnoser

Projekt- & Karrierevejledningens Rapportserie Nr. 289/2011 En kritisk diskussion af psykisk lidelse og diagnose Merete Meyer-Dissing & Svanna Jákupsdóttir ISSN: 1339-5367 ISBN: 978-87-92677-50-01 Se øvrige udgivelser i rapportserien og foretag bestillinger direkte på Projekt ...

Second Opinion, a Collaborative Online Game for Medical Diagnosis

This is aimed to help the seta better weighting of thediagnosers. Once the diagnosis is provided, it cannot be changed and the diagnoser cannot provide any other input for the case. 9

Rare disease information

All enquiries are welcome. contact details the swedish information centre for rare diseases the sahlgrenska academy at the university of Gothenburg Box 400, se-405 30 Gothenburg sweden tel +46 31 786 55 90 email: ovanliga.diagnoser@gu.se www.ovanligadiagnoser.gu.se Printing: Palmeblads, Mölndal, May 2009.

Hunt Full Vita april 08

Erlbaum Associates Hunt, E. & Minstrell, J. (2004) The DIAGNOSER Project: Assessment in the service of learning. Proc. 30 th Conference of the International Association for Educational Assessment.

Issues, Examples, and Challenges in Formative Assessment

DIAGNOSER. DIAGNOSER (Hunt and Minstrell, 1996) is a collection of interactive computer programs used to facilitate facet-based instruction, which is based on the idea that students already have their own ideas about the topic of instruction.

Facet-based assessment and instruction

Characteristics of web-based Diagnoser tools (continued) •Elicitation questions help students identify what is important to learn •Responses can be related to facets (both goal and problematic) •Some facets are more generic (meaning of explanation) and some are domain specific (meaning of average ...

Adaptable Architecture Generation for Software Agents Used ...

Another dimension to adaptability is added by the fact that if the firmware in the embedded system is also adaptable, then greater adaptability in remote diagnosis is available and all this eases the job of the remote diagnoser to that extent.

Diagnosabilityof Stochastic Discrete-Event Systems

Embedded Markov Chain of the Stochastic Diagnoser Despite the fact that the stochastic diagnoser has matrices as-sociatedwitheach transition instead of simple probabilities, embedded withinadiagnoser isa Markovchainwhose states are the components of each state estimate in thediagnoser.


Diagnoser based on time 45 3.2. Time-Diagnosability 47 3.3. Diagnoser building 52 3.4. Diagnoser implementation 58 3.5. Example on Timed Diagnosis 61


Note that each row of the message is composed of a prefix (previous message label) and a suffix (most recent update on commonplaces). 3 The effect ofa message on the diagnoser state of the neighbor module is captured by the function UDSC in line 13, which is evaluated by Algorithm 2.