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round.Kalanchoe (dicot) is a common succulent houseplant and ...

Flower Anatomy and Reproduction Author: Carie Weddle SUBJECT: Biology; Botany; Reproduction DESCRIPTION: This lesson covers basic floral anatomy and the reproduction of flowering plants.


The xylem and phloem in a dicot are arranged in a ring while they are randomly arranged in a monocot. The monocot seed has one seed leaf while the dicot has two seed leaves.

Monocot or Dicot?

2.5.2 A joint production of the Onkaparinga Waterwatch Network and Catchment Care Program. These important programs are funded by the Onkaparinga Catchment Water Management Board.

Colorado State University Extension - Work Sheet: Plant ...

# Plant Monocot/Dicot Characteristics a African violet dicot flower parts in 5s; leaf veination b Alstroemeria monocot flower parts in 3s; leaf veination c Apple dicot Flower parts in 5 d Asparagus monocot vascular bundle arrangement of stem e Corn seed monocot 1 cotyledon f Green Onion monocot ...

Seed Anatomy and Physiology Monocot and Dicot Seed Structure

Seed Anatomy and Physiology Monocot and Dicot Seed Structure Introduction: In this activity students will be examining the seed structure and development of two members of the Angiosperms.

Plantae: Bryophytes & Vascular

Identify the epidermis, cortex, endodermis, xylem, and phloem of an herbaceous dicot root. 10. Identify the epidermis, phloem, xylem, cortex, and vascular bundles of a corn stem.

Botany 101

Most people just say "monocot" or "dicot" for short. If you've ever used a select ive herbicide, you've targ eted plants based on whether they were monocots or dicots.

Lab 9: The Plant Body: Stems, Roots and Leaves

Root Tip (l.s.)-monocot or dicot Identify the following: root tip, apical meristem, zone of elongation, epidermis, stele, root hairs Part 2: Structure of the Dicot and Monocot Stem Use illustrations and guides of the herbaceous dicot and monocot stems to help you examine and label the slides provided.

Lesson #1(a - f) - Teacher Checklist for Plant Structure and ...

Investigation of Plants - A Discovery Station Activity: Photocopies of selected diagrams, pictures, etc…from texts Slides (and/or microviewer slides) of monocot and dicot stems, seeds, and leaves Slides (and/or microviewer slides) of dicot stems (e.g., Tilia, 1 st year, 3 rd year and 5 th year) Stained slides ...

Maize rbcS Promoter Activity Depends on Sequence Elements Not ...

Elements Not Found in Dicot rbcS Promoters Anton R. Schaffner’ and Jen Sheen2 Genetics Department, Harvard Medical School, and Molecular Biology, Massachusetts General Hospital,