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June 20, 2011 15 4. State which features of the flower structure indicate relative evolutionary advancement over early primitive flower structures.

Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens

The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens Monocots and Dicots: A Crash Course in Cutting and Comparing Corn and Coleus Overview After a lecture on monocot and dicot anatomy, fresh mounts of corn and coleus stem material are used to identify tissues and cells and make ...


DICOT FRUITS 1. The dicots have a wide range of fruit types. Find the following on demonstration and give the plant family for each fruit type on demonstration.

Dicot and Monocot Leaves

Monocot leaves in general differ from the leaves of dicots in several ways. 3. As noted in the Zea leaf shown above, the mesophyll is not differentiated but consists solely of spongy mesophyll tissue.

Monocot seeds include

Dicots usually have one long, thick root called a taproot (see Figure 5.5). Small secondary roots $row from the taproot. The length and strength of the taproot can make a dicot plant difficult to pull out of the ground.

Diversity of Plants: Monocots vs. Dicots?

Plants are the foundation of most terrestrial ecosystems. Photosynthesis supports their growth and maintenance as well as the introduction of organic molecules into the ecosystem that supports, directly or indirectly, consumers such as humans and other animals.


1646 [Vol. 91 A MERICAN J OURNAL OF B OTANY monocots and dicots is most apparent when considering eu-dicotsvs. monocots and less clear against the background of the highly heterogeneous''primitive''dicots ...

MONOCOTS versus DICOTS The Two Classes of Flowering Plants

MONOCOTS versus DICOTS The Two Classes of Flowering Plants Traditionally, the flowering plants have been divided into two major groups, or classes: the Dicots and the Monocots.

Diversity and Evolution of Monocots

Monocots Dicots Monocots Dicots Cotyledons One Two (2,34) Cotyledons One Two (2,34) Flowers 3-merous 5-merous (4,3) Flowers 3-merous 5-merous (4,3) ...

Monocots and Dicots Lesson Plan

Wyckoff Farmhouse Museum Page 1 of 3 Science: Monocots and Dicots Lesson Plan Monocots and Dicots Lesson Plan Curriculum connections Plants: Anatomy, Growth, and Functions Overall Expectations Describe the major processes and ...