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A Comparative Study of the Cell Wall Structure of

... sph~erocurpum Newel1 & Fell, CBS 5939 x 5940; Rhodosporidium toruloides Banno, CBS 14 x 349; Sporidiobolus johnsonii Nyland, CBS 5470; Sporidiobolus ruinenii Phaff, CBS 4999; Bullera alba (Hanna) Derx, CBS 501; Candida curvata (Diddens & Lodder) Lodder & Kreger-van Rij, CBS 570; Candida humicola (Daszewska) Diddens & Lodder, ...

Sexual Reproduction .in Candida lipolytica

Sofar as we are aware, strains of Candidalipolytica (Harrison) Diddens et Ladder are isolated from naturepri­ marilyinthe haploid state. Because haploid strains apparently are strongly heterothallic, they do not sporulate when grown individually on sporulation media.

PARLE, J. N. (1957). J. gen. Microbiol. 17, 363-367 Yeasts ...

T. pullulans (Lindner) Diddens et Lodder. Lodder & Kreger-van Rij (1952), p. 615, figs. 244-5 Rhodotorula minuta (Saito). Harrison. Lodder & Kreger-van Rij (1952), p. 663, fig. 267.

DI MENNA, M. E. (1957). J. gen. Microbiol. 17, 078-688 The ...

(Daszewska) Diddens & Lodder, and Schizoblastosporion starkeyi-henricii were isolated from the washings, but none of these species was present in the


Since then van Diddens Painting Service has completed projects throughout WA. In the mid 1970's Bill spent three months in Europe with his family, based in Holland and travelling to France, Switzerland Germany and Italy.


Gillies R, Kollias N, Hasan T , Diddens H. Spectral characterization of the benzoporphyrin derivative monoacid ring-A photoproduct formed in fetal calf solutions during irradiation with 694 nm continuous-wave radiation.

of perfect and imperfect forms may be adjudged

Some perfect forms of candidas were discovered through physiological relationships (Diddens and Lodder, 1939), others through studies of molecular biology (Stenderup and Leth Bak, 1968), and others through mating experiments (Wickerham and Burton, 1954).


... 5/31/2007 $132.80 Phone Service Schedule III N Ward 40-A Democratic Club 5/14/2007 $5,750.00 Street Money Schedule III N Ward 40-B Philadelphia, PA 19153 4/12/2007 $100.00 Fundraiser Schedule III N William Diddens Florist Philadelphia, PA 19142 5/31/2007 $47.50 Fruit Basket Thompson Schedule III N William Diddens Florist ...

Historic Auto Attractions Museum Cadillac & Lincoln Clubs ...

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Illinois Department of Professional Regulation

- more - add 1 ATHLETIC TRAINING Christy S. Diddens, McHenry - athletic trainer license (096-001917) issued with reprimand and fined $200 for practicing without a license for approximately six months.