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Diffuse alveolar hemorrhage: Diagnosing it and finding the cause

258 CLEVELAND CLINIC JOURNAL OF MEDICINE VOLUME 75 • NUMBER 4 APRIL 2008 OCTAVIAN C. IOACHIMESCU, MD Assistant Professor, Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine, Emory University; Medical Director, Sleep Disorders Center, Atlanta VA Medical Center, Atlanta, GA JAMES K ...


140 ANDERSON, M C FADDEN&WHEELER as a surface of zero thickness endowed with physical properties such as surface tension. In these investigations, which were based on static or mechanical equilibrium arguments, it was assumed that physical quantities such as density were, in general ...

Diffuse knapweed

Weed Profile: Diffuse knapweed 1 Family: Asteraceae (Sunflower) Keys to Identification: • The floral bracts have yellow spines with teeth appearing as a comb along the spine margins.


FIBROMYALGIA AND DIFFUSE MYALGIA JamesM. Gill, MD, MPH, and Anna Quisel, MD PREVALENCE, PRESENTATION, AND PROGRESSION OF THE PATIENT WITHFIBROMYALGIA Chronic pain is one of the most common complaints encountered by primary care clinicians.

Diffuse Arthralgias and Myalgias

1 Diffuse Arthralgias and Myalgias High Impact Rheumatology Case 1: History •A 48-year-old woman presents with diffuse muscle pain, weakness, and significant fatigue.


ADENOMATOSIS, OR THE DIFFUSE ADENOMATOUS GOITER * J. EARL ELSE, M.D. Assistant Professor and Chairman, Executive Committee, Department of Surgery, University of Oregon Medical School PORTLAND, ORE, Under the term adenoma, there is described in the literature two definite distinct pathologic ...

Diffuse Gallbladder Wall Thickening: Differential Diagnosis

AJR:188, February 2007 495 AJR 2007; 188:495-501 0361-803X/07/1882-495 © American Roentgen Ray Society van Breda Vriesman et al. Diffuse Gallbladder Wall Thickening Hepatobiliary Imaging•Pictorial Essay Diffuse Gallbladder Wall Thickening: Differential Diagnosis Adriaan C. van Breda Vriesman ...

Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma

vicki ho 29 september 2003 AM report Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma Lymphomas are malignant transformations of normal lymphoid cells that reside predominantly in lymphoid tissues.

Diffuse Abnormalities of the Trachea and Main Bronchi

AJR:176, March 2001 713 bnormalities of the central airways may produce symptoms such as cough, dyspnea, wheezing, or stridor, but there is frequently a delay in diagnosis.

Diffuse Reflectance and Transmittance - The Lambda Series

Diffuse Reflectance and Transmittance The Lambda Series www.perkinelmer.com When electromagnetic radiation in the UV/Visible wavelength range interacts with a sample, four