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NEW! TCP PRO DIMMABLE SERIES From bright to low light and everything in between, TCP's new Pro series dimmable bulbs dim smoothly. Reliable. Durable.

EnvironmentalLights.com Premium LED Linkable Dimmable Under ...

Copyright EnvironmentalLights.com All Rights Reserved 4/22/11 9 Dimming Power Supplies (Drivers) Most customers want their under cabinet lighting to dim and we have two excellent systems that work on line voltage, plus others that work on 24 volts DC.

Philips Marathon® Energy Saver Dimmable

Dimmable User control of light levels down to 10%, which allows flexibility in lighting design ◗ Provides Soft,White Light ◗ Amalgam Technology Provides stable light output over a broad range of temperatures and operating positions for indoor and outdoor applications ◗ Super Long Life ...

Recessed Compact Fluorescent Dimmable Fluorescent Downlight

®SPECIFICATION SUBMITTAL Page Job Name: Job Number: Model Numbers: Recessed CFL Dimmable Downlight Dimmable Fixture 369492 Rev A 1 11.10.11 ® Recessed Compact Fluorescent Dimmable Fluorescent Downlight Features • Single lamp, 26 or 32 W compact fluorescent • Dims smoothly and continuously ...

Dimmable Compact Fluorescent Lamps

save energy and money in your home. Replacing incandescent lamps with CFLs is easy to do, results in significant savings on your energy bill and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Dimmable Solutions for LED Lighting

Dimmable Solutions for LED Lighting Xitanium ® LED Dimming Controller for 12vdc and 24vdc LED Systems Xitanium LED dimming controllers provide the required dim level for 12V and 24V LED lighting systems.

Product Leaflet: 7-35W/10-50W, GU5.3, MR16, dimmable

EnduraLED MR16 7MR16/END/S15 3000 DIM10/1 Philips EnduraLED MR16 Lamps provide ambient level light to illuminate hard to maintain applications. Increased transformer

40511 TCP New dimmable SS_REV

Dimmable Series Specification 40511 TCP New dimmable SS_REV. Suggested Dimmer: Designed for 600 watt slide or rotary dimmer switch Please call with other dimming system compatibility questions • HPF, Dimmable Dimmable Compact Fluorescent Features and Benefits • Uniform and smooth dimming ...

Energy-efficient, dimmable LED bulb—the first recipient of ...

Philips Award Winning LED Bulb Ideal for decorative and ambient lighting in retail outlets, hotels, restaurants, government buildings, and multi-unit residences L Prize

Receptacles and Plug for Dimming Use

Lutron dimming receptacles will only accept a Lutron dimmable lamp plug . By accepting only the special dimmable plugs, these receptacles are certified to be controlled by a dimmer or dimming module .