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Disciplining Students With Disabilities

School authorities have the right and responsibility to discipline children (including the removal of children from their present school) ...


Department of Education and Children's Services School Discipline Updated: 1 March 2007 2 RATIONALE The Department for Education and Children's Services (DECS) is accountable to the community, through the Minister for Education and Children's Services, for managing student behaviour and for ...

IDEA – Reauthorized Statute

IDEA-Reauthorized Statute DISCIPLINE The reauthorized Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) was signed into law on Dec. 3, 2004, by President George W. Bush.


FINAL DENVER PLAN WORKING GROUP AUGUST 29, 2007 POLICY JK-R - STUDENT CONDUCT AND DISCIPLINE PROCEDURES INTRODUCTION The following student conduct and discipline procedures are developed for the implementation of School Board Policy JK - Student Discipline.

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Judging school discipline: The crisis of moral authority. Cambridge, MA: Cambridge University Press. n Bear, G. G. (2008). Classroom discipline.


EC 1452 March 1995 50¢ S. Doescher and L. Burt C hildren are naturally curious and have a strong desire to be independent. They may go beyond the rules and limits parents set.

Democratic Discipline in Your Classroom: A Roadmap for Beginners

Young Children•July 2003 1 Elizabeth Campbell Rightmyer, Ed.D., is an assistant professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning at the University of Louisville in Kentucky.


-2-This common characterization is too austere. It only hints at the full richness of the discipline. It does not call attention to the connections between computing knowledge and the concerns of people to whom this knowledge contributes, notably the universal concerns for reliability ...

Introduction: Why Discipline That Restores? By Ron and ...

Introduction: Why Discipline That Restores? By Ron and Roxanne Claassen It has been said that 10% of your life experience is dependent on what happens to you and 90% is based on how you respond.

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Although discipline means to teach or guide, the term is frequently associated with punishment. The goal of discipline is to teach kids how to act appropriately in a family, ...