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By Cindy J. Ackerman and Richard J. Kelber - A disclaimer is ...

The beneficiary may not direct how the disclaimed property is distributed. To be valid, disclaimers must also comply with state law. Minnesota law requires that the beneficiary

The Use Of Disclaimers In Estate Planning

This can result in tax savings of 45% of the items disclaimed. What Happens If A Person Disclaims Property? If a person disclaims property, that property passes as if that person were deceased.


Property which can be disclaimed 5. Any "onerous property" can be disclaimed. "Onerous property" is defined in terms of (a) any unprofitable contract and (b) ...

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See, e.g. , Registration No. 2,516,522 (RESOURCES CONNECTION, "resources" disclaimed); No. 2,518,446 (FOX STAFFING RESOURCES) ("staffing resources" disclaimed); ...

Regulation 208215-91 - Disclaimer of Interests and Powers

Section 20.2046-1 is revised to read as follows: ยง20.2046-1 Disclaimed property. (a) This section shall apply to the disclaimer or renunciation of an interest in the person disclaiming by a transfer made after December 31,1976.

Model Disclaimer Form

General Requirements: The disclaimant is the person who would have received the disclaimed death benefit under the qualified plan if the disclaimer had not been made.

200045026 [PFP#1001518472]

The disclaimed property (and any income attributable to the disclaimed amount) will be segregated from the portion of the Trust that is not disclaimed.

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IRA Beneficiaries Prepared by Michelle R. Scarver, CPA

If you inherit an IRA from a parent or someone other than your spouse and do not disclaim the IRA or you only disclaimed part of the IRA then you must roll whatever you inherited from the IRA into an account which is titled "Inherited IRA " or "Beneficial IRA".