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Neotropical moss floras: Species common to North and South ...

North and South America share about 675 species that show two basic patterns, namely, those with a continuous range and those with a disjunct distribution.


Honestly, [ ADVERBIAL , DISJUNCT ] I have no idea how this happened. Astonishingly, [ ADVERBIAL , DISJUNCT ] he got the best mark in the class.

Historical Biogeography - A History of Ideas

Vicariance vs. Dispersal similar pattern, different process Disjunct (vicariad) species Disjunct continental areas Disjunct species Disjunct continental areas Species limited to one area Disjunct continental areas Dispersal across ocean barrier Divergence in isolation Widespread species ...

Bartonia paniculata - panicled screw-stem

plain disjunct, Lycopediella subappressa. In one locality the coastal plain disjunct species Rhexia virginica (meadow beauty) was also present.

Forest Management Plan Performance

flora, centres of disjunct flora, threatened ecological communities, and declared rare flora. A definition for ‘understorey species’ is not provided in the FMP.

A comparison of the moss floras of Chile and New Zealand

This correlation is interpreted in terms of long distance dispersal resp. the common phytogeographical background of both countries as parts of the palaoaustral floristic region and compared with disjunct moss floras of other continents as well as the presently available molecular data.

Dispersal, vicariance, and timing of diversification in

Using a well-resolved Nothonotus phylogeny and divergence time estimates, we identify equal numbers of instances of both vicariance and dispersal among disjunct regions of the Central Highlands, biogeographic pseudocongruence, rather recent speciation in Nothonotus, and a surprisingly large amount of ...

The Plant Press

The genus is peculiarly disjunct in two important refugia, one in eastern Asia and the other in western North America. Of the 68 Asian-North American disjunct genera, 51 are woody, accounting for 75% of this distribution pattern.

Rules of Logical Inference

List of Symbols → / ⊃ Conditional , if…then • / ∧ Conjunction , "and, but, yet, still, however, moreover" ↔ / ≡ Biconditional : abbreviated as iff, meaning: "if and only if" v Disjunct : "either…or" ~ / ¬ Negation : "not" ∴ Conclusion : "therefore" 16.

Avian Migration

4 Climatic changes evident through Tertiary and Quaternary But doesn't account for ability of birds to adapt in morphology and behavior nor disjunct breeding and wintering ranges.