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ICAO FLIGHT PLAN The following describes Fields to be completed on the ICAO Flight Plan General instructions • Use capital letters. • Adhere closely to the prescribed format and manner of specifying data.

Two fundamental problems connected with AI

Bibliography [1] Dobrev D. D. AI - What is this. In: PC Magazine - Bulgaria, November'2000, pp.12-13 (in Bulgarian, also in [9] in English). [2] Dobrev D. D. AI - How does it cope in an arbitrary world.

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1 Formal Definition of AI Dimiter Dobrev dobrev@2-box.net 18 October, 2005 Abstract A definition of Artificial Intelligence was proposed in [1] but this definition was not absolutely formal at least because the word "Human" was used.


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Journal of Chromatography A, 1075 (2005) 159–166 ...

E-mail address: dobrev@ueb.cas.cz (P.I. Dobrev). procedures often requiring sample pre-treatment (e.g. pre concentration) when used in series. “On-line” purification methods encompassing multidi

Dynamics of Niche Width and Resource Partitioning1

For instance, resource-partitioning theory (Carroll 1985; Carroll and Swaminathan 2000; Dobrev 2000) assumes that, if generalists are present in the center, then specialists can thrive only in the peripheries.

Bureaucracy and Entrepreneurship∞

Finally, Dobrev and Bar nett (2005) , studying career histories of business school alumni, found that employees are less likely to enter entrepreneurship if they work for old and large firms.

INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP Social and Religious Development of ...

A new Late Period cemetery at Tabbet Al-Guesh (South Saqqara) Vassil Dobrev (Institut français d'archéologie orientale au Caire, Egypt) Since the work of Gaston Maspero at South Saqqara in 1881-1884, the French Archaeological Institute in Cairo has been absent from the area until the year 2000, when a ...

6th International Conference on Case Histories in ...

... Drying and Wetting 7.42a Hossein Nowamooz F. Masrouri (France) Load-Deformation Behavior of Bentonite Amended Bottom Ash In Bending 7.43a Sanjeev Kumar Miton Adhikari (USA) Improvement of Soil and Rock Properties for Foundation Support for Missouri Interchange Project 7.45a Timothy J. Myers Hristo K. Dobrev ...

Theodore Levitt's "The Globalization of Markets"

CHAPTER 1 Theodore Levitt's "The Globalization of Markets" An Evaluation After Two Decades Richard S. Tedlow Rawi Abdelal Two decades ago, Theodore Levitt published "The Globalization of Markets" in the Harvard Business Review.