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Siberian Crabapple

Related Species Dolgo Crabapple ( Malus x 'Dolgo') - Introduced by South Dakota State University in 1917. White flowers, 1-inch oval, red fruits.


DOLGO FLOWERING CRAB Malus 'Dolgo' 25-30 feet high, 20-25 feet wide Upright, spreading form. White, single flowers. Noted for its bright red, elongated, edible fruit.

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apples and crabapples.Dolgo produces extremely heavy crops of red fruit up to 1 1/2 inches in diameter, very similar to the Callaway. The fruit drops very slowly

Crabapple Information Chart

Malus 'Dolgo' Dolgo Crabapple One of the hardiest and earliest of the crabapples to bloom, pink buds of Dolgo open to large, fragrant white flowers.

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D-17 Maackii amurensis Amur Maackia 18-20' 3 'Summertime' Malus 'Dolgo' Dolgo Crab 35-40' 2 Malus baccata Siberian crabapple 30' 2 Picea glauca densata Black Hills Spruce 35-45' 2 Pinus aristata Bristlecone Pine 20' 4 Pinus contorta v. latifolia Lodgepole Pine 60' 4 Pinus edulis ...


Akane Braeburn Chehalis Dolgo (Crabapple) Fuji Gala Gravenstein Jonagold King Liberty Macintosh Melrose Summerred Spartan Akane Braeburn Chehalis Dolgo (Crabapple) Fuji Gala Gravenstein Jonagold King Liberty Macintosh Melrose Summerred Spartan POLLEN SOURCE VARIETY VARIETY POLLENATED POLLINATION ...

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... J. ashei 'Depressa' J. procumbens (=J. chin-ensis var. procumbens) Crataegus crus-gall* 'Beverly' J. chinenis: 'Hibernica' J. rigida C. intricata 'Candied Apple' 'Fermina' 'Oblonga pendula' J. sabina: C. laevigata 'Autumn Glory' 'Dolgo' 'Fortunei' 'Pyramidalis''Broadmoor' C. phaenopyrum* 'Eleyi' 'Hetzii' 'Saxatilis ...

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Since Dolgo crabapples contain plenty of pectin, it is simple to make jelly without adding commercial pectin. • Dolgo Crabapple Jelly 1.75 litersdolgo crabapple juice from M-L 1430 gramsgranulated sugar Pour juice into large stainless steel saucepan.

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