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Make provision for unplanned medical expenses and emergencies ...

Make provision for unplanned medical expenses and emergencies! The Zurreal Healthcard is a Visa Electron Debit Card* and can be used to purchase products and services at any

Adult cardiac transplantation: A review of perioperative ...

155 Annals of Cardiac Anaesthesia  Vol. 12:2  Jul-Dec-2009 Address for correspondence: Dr. Harish Ramakrishna, Department of Anesthesiology, Mayo Clinic, 5777 East Mayo Boulevard, Phoenix, Arizona 85054 USA.

Cervicalgias y lumbalgias mecanicodegenerativas. Tratamiento ...

R e v. Soc. Esp. Dolor 8: Supl. II, 79-100, 2001 Cervicalgias y lumbalgias mecanicodegenerativas. Tratamiento conservador. A c t u a l i z a c i ó n J. Cid*, J. de Andrés* , E. Reig**, C. del Pozo***, A. Cortés**** y J. J. García-Cruz* R E V I S I Ó N 7 9 Cid J, De Andrés J, Reig E, Del ...


ATYPICAL FACIAL PAIN MANAGEMENT R. Ruiz-Lopez Clinica del Dolor de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain Chronic pain conditions arising in the head, face or neck have been traditionally a field of pain research with a lack of a universally accepted classification.

Dolor Lumbar Crónico: Adaptación Cultural y Validación del ...

28 OBJETIVO Hacer la adaptación cultural y validación del Roland Morris Questionnaire (RMDQ) para uso en población argentina con dolor lumbar.

Complicaciones del dolor postoperatorio

R e v. Soc. Esp. Dolor 8: 194-211, 2001 Complicaciones del dolor postoperatorio F. Muñoz-Blanco*, J. Salmerón**, J. Santiago** y C. Marcote*** 1 9 4 R E V I S I Ó N Muñoz-Blanco F, Salmerón J, Santiago J and M a rcote C. Complications of postoperative pain.

R E V I S I Ó N 5 0 3

R E V I S I Ó N 5 0 3 . R e v . Soc. Esp. Dolor . 8: 503-510, 2001 . Dolor crónico: intervención terapéutica desde la . p s i c o l o g í a . C. J. van-der Hofstadt* y M. J. Quiles**

Actualizacio en el tratamiento del dolor

ELSEVIER MASSON Ediciónenespañolde Veterinary Clinics of North America 2008, Volume 38, Number 6. Small AnimalPractice. Update on Management of Pain.

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http://www.cms.gov/EHRIncentivePrograms/ What is Meaningful Use? • Meaningful Use is using certified EHR technology to • Improve quality, safety, efficiency, and reduce health disparities • Engage patients and families in their health care • Improve care coordination • Improve ...


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