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GD-039-PHS-EMS: Drug Profile for Dopamine Page 1 of 3 5/13/03 GENERIC NAME: DOPAMINE 112.11 BRAND NAME: Intropin CLASS: sympathomimetic Mechanism of Action: Immediate metabolic precursor to norepinephrine Effects are dose-dependent: 1-2 µ g/kg/min Acts on dopaminergic receptors to stimulate ...


108 A LCOHOL H EALTH & R ESEARCH W ORLD tration triggers the release of neurotransmitter molecules into the synaptic cleft. Two large groups of receptors exist that elicit specific responses in the receptor cell: Receptors that act as ligand-gated ion channels result in rapid but short-lived ...

ICU/ED/CSDU/PACU/Cath Lab - Unit Practice Manuals John ...

Protocol Page 1 of 4 ICU/ED/CSDU/PACU/Cath Lab - Unit Practice Manuals John Dempsey Hospital - Department of Nursing The University of Connecticut Health Center PROCTOCOL FOR: Dopamine: IV Administration POLICY: 1.


REVIEWS The neurotransmitter dopamine — particularly nigrostriatal dopamine (BOX 1) — has long been identif ied with motor function 1.However, moderate doses of NEUROLEPTIC drugs (dopamine antagonists) attenuate the motivation to act before they compromise the ability to act.


model within neuroscience. This model asserts that neurons that contain this neurotransmitter release dopamine in proportion to the difference between the"predicted reward"and the"experienced reward"ofaparticular event.

The time frames AND THE ROLES of Dopamine

115 "…And the loud laugh that spoke the vacant mind…" "The deserted village," Oliver Goldsmith (1728-1774) 7. Dopamine distribution The time frames AND THE ROLES of Dopamine Our growing success in calculating how the body would respond to drug change over the long term, whether increasing or ...

Dopamine Receptor Expression in the Central Nervous System

http://www.acnp. org/g4/GN401000019/CH019.html Dopamine Receptor Expression in the Central Nervous System Alfred Mansour and Stanley J. Watson, Jr. INTRODUCTION The cloning of the D 2 dopamine receptor (6) in 1988 and the subsequent identification of multiple dopamine receptors referred to as D ...

Molecular Diversity of the Dopamine Receptors

282 CIVELLI ET AL led to the proposition that the etiology of movement disorders and psychoses involve different neuronal pathways and that the dopamine receptors may differ in these pathways.

IV Titration - Dopamine

Microsoft Word - 1CC_Adult_IVTitrationDopamine_081508.doc. IV Titration Dopamine - 1CC 1 v: 08/15/08 Clinical Education Services/Cerner Training Team     Copyright 2008 Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare IV Titration - Dopamine * Assignment Follow all of the listed steps to document IV ...

Dopamine From Parkinson's Disease To Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia Frontiers • 2005 (Volume 13, Number 1) 1 © 2005, National Fibromyalgia Partnership, Inc. All rights reserved. This article may not be photocopied or reprinted in any medium without persmission.