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Dosing Guide For Optimal Management of Opioid Dependence

1 KEY POINTS The goal of induction is to safely suppress opioid withdrawal as rapidly as possible with adequate doses of Suboxone ® (buprenorphine HCl/naloxone HCI dihydrate) or Subutex ® (buprenorphine HCl) sublingual tablets.

Vancomycin Dosing Chart

Fondaparinux (Arixtra®) Dosing Chart Marshall Pierce, PharmD. Initial Dosing 1. Calculate the patient's lean body weight. Males (kg) = 50 kg + 2.3 (height in inches > 60 inches) Female (kg) = 45.5 kg +2.3 (height in inches > 60 inches) 2.

PCA by Proxy

Authorized and Unauthorized ("PCA by Proxy") Dosing of Analgesic Infusion Pumps Position Statement: The American Society for Pain Management Nursing (ASPMN) recognizes the need for prompt, safe, and effective pain relief for all and supports the use of Authorized Agent Controlled Analgesia (AACA ...


The DME 940-4 with side mounted control panel. Digital Dosing™ is the result of true Grundfos innovation. We are always working with new methods, materials and technologies with a specific goal in mind: to bring you products that make a difference.


VANCOMYCIN DOSING AND MONITORING IN ADULTS 1. Estimate patient's creatinine clearance (CrCL) CrCL (male) ml/min = (140 - age) x IBW (kg) ( x 0.85 for females) 72 x SCr IBW (males) = 50 kg + (2.3 x height in inches > 60 inches) IBW (females) = 45 kg + (2.3 x ...

VANCOMYCIN (Commentary)

- 1 - Neonatal Formulary 5 VANCOMYCIN (Commentary) Dosing guidelines in the first year of life Use in the first three months of life: There have been more than thirty studies of the way that term and the preterm babies 'handle' vancomycin, and many different treatment guidelines currently exist.

Dosing of Accurate Medications Ronald

Accurate Dosing ofPediatric Medications Ronald D. Reynolds, MD Dosing of pediatric medications must be accurate. Combining constantsintheusual calculationforamoxicillin dosing derivesthe Rule of Six (6 mg/lbper dose) fordosing.

Oral Methadone Dosing - Ver4

Oral Methadone Dosing for Chronic Pain A Practitioner's Guide Oral Methadone Dosing - Ver4

Heparin andLow-Molecular- Weight Heparin Mechanisms of Action ...

Heparin andLow-Molecular-Weight Heparin Mechanisms of Action, Pharmacokinetics, Dosing, Monitoring, Efficacy, and Safety Jack Hirsh, MD, FCCP, Chair; Theodore E. Warkentin, MD; StephenG.

Lovenox Dosing Tool Manuscript

1 Patient Information screen [Left column] [headline] LOVENOX ® Dosing Guide [Copy] Welcome to the LOVENOX ® Dosing Guide. This tool is designed to calculate recommended dosing and duration of therapy for all LOVENOX ® indications and their respective patient populations.