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Historic Walking Tour of Downtown Valdosta

Dosta Theatre Construction on the Dosta Theatre began in 1940 and the theatre opened in 1941. The building was built on the site where two former stores, Lazarus Brothers Department Store and Rice's Café, had burned in 1939.

USC Staff Assembly General Assembly Meeting Minutes March 5 ...

Committee Reports Communications - Lisa Kofman Ms. Kofman reported for Ms. Cook that the Communications Committee has a new member, Helen Dosta, who is perfect for the committee because her background and interest is in marketing.

Cold Spray depoSition of

M. Barbosa, N. Cinca, S. Dosta, J. M. Guillemany Cold Spray Deposition of Titanium onto Aluminium Alloys 48 Ciência & Tecnologia dos Materiais, Vol. 22, n.º 1/2, 2010 DIA MUNDIAL DOS MATERIAIS 2009 2.ª Menção Honrosa ORDEM DOS ENGENHEIROS Cold Spray depoSition of titanium onto aluminium ...

Study of the Properties of WC-Co Nanostructured Coatings ...

Study of the Properties of WC-Co Nanostructured Coatings Sprayed by High-Velocity Oxyfuel J.M. Guilemany, S. Dosta, J. Nin, and J.R. Miguel (Submitted September 21,2004; in revised form March 14,2005) Interest in nanomaterials has increased in recent years.

Ant-induced soil modification and its effect on plant below ...

Pedobiologia 49 (2005) 127—137 Ant-induced soil modification and its effect on plant below-ground biomass Petr Dosta´ la,, Magdalena Brˇeznova´ b, Vladimı´ra Kozlı´cˇkova´ b, To ma´sˇHerbe na, b, Pa vel Kova´rˇ b a Institute of Botany, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Za ...

Did You Know….?

….that the famous Wiley Post visited Val-dosta on December 10, 1931? While the details of the visit are a bit sketchy he flew the famous Winnie Mae to the Valdosta Airport and was accompanied by Harold Gatty.

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REFERENCES [1] Minoves, M., Galí, A., Dosta, J., Mata Álvarez, J. (2006). Optimization of a nitrification-denitrification process via nitrite in an SBR for the treatment of the liquid fraction of mesophilic digested piggery wastewater.


coalition initiated by the organizations DOSTA (Enough), Zasto Ne, and ACIPS is a loose network of diverse civil society associations representing labor unions, veterans, pensioners,

_2005; 33(1-2)19-24 Moljevic

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