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Draugen Blocks and production licences Block 6407/9 - production licence 093, awarded 1984 Development approval 19.12.1988 by the Storting On stream 19.10.1993 Discovered 1984 Operator A/S Norske Shell Licensees A/S Norske Shell 26.20 % BP Norge AS 18.36 % Chevron Norge AS 7 ...


ONSHORE SEISMIC PROCESSING TECHNICAL QUESTION... http://www.geotrace.com/articles/Draugen%20Case%20Study.htm 1 of 4 8/9/07 1:25 PM 4D Case Study over Draugen Field Geotrace.

Shell Draugen

NO RW A Y Regional Sales Office: FMC Technologies Kirkegårdsveien 45 NO-3601 Kongsberg, Norway Phone: +47 3228 6700 Fax: +47 3228 6750 Worldwide Headquarters: FMC Technologies 1803 Gears Road Houston, TX 77067 USA Phone: +1 (281) 591 4000 Fax: +1 (281) 591 4291 www.fmctechnologies.com Scope of ...

Investigation Report

Investigation Report Unofficial translation Report Report title Activity number Draugen - rupture of the loading hose on 10 January 2008 005093002 Classification; Public Ü No public access Ü Restricted Ü Confidential Ü Highly confidential Summary In connection with the loading of oil from ...


Table 3 SAMPLE: 801-011 Draugen Crude oil ***** Fraction °C 150-180 180-240 240-320 320-375 Yield on crude mass % 5.19 9.89 17.31 10.38 Yield on crude vol % 5.41 9.90 16.68 9.68 Density at 15°C kg/l 0 ...

Offshore Structures - A new challenge

Construction in dry dock (Draugen) Float out from dry dock (Troll) Construction at wet site (Draugen) Installation of topsides (Draugen , deck mating)

From multidisciplinary to interdisciplinary research

Example 2 -legitimacy and multiple sources of knowledge in fisheries management •Participation in the management institution is conisders a prerequisite for legitimacy •Should participation include the identification of relevant knowledge?

Wilhelmsen Callenberg

Of ducts and installation 1992 Norsk Hydro Norsk Hydro Brage Delivery of Louvred Walls, Dampers 1992 Shell Rosenberg Verft Draugen Topsides Living Quarter Shop engineering, prefab.

Sevans fokus på britisk og norsk sokkel Presentasjon for ...

DRAUGEN . ÅSGARD . KRISTIN . NJORD . HEIDRUN . ÅSGARD KRISTIN NJORD POWER GAS CO 2 Halten Offshore powerplant •Located close to Draugen •Suggested 450 MW capacity •Run on gas from undeveloped reservoir or gas pipeline •Can supply clean power to: •Draugen •Heidrun •Åsgard •Kristin •Njord ...

Nonlinear Wave Loads on Offshore Structures

considered in this study. 3.2 The Draugen DMI Model Test The Draugen Danish Maritime Institute (DMI) model test data were provided by Shell in Houston.