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Linkage Mapping in Drosophila

Linkage Mapping in Drosophila written by J. D. Hendrix Learning Objectives Upon completing the exercise, each student should be able: • to understand the developmental cycle of Drosophila melanogaster; • to set up genetic crosses with Drosophila melanogaster mutants, using the Virtual Fly ...

Proteomics in Drosophila

Proteomics in Drosophila Workshop at the 50 th Annual Drosophila Research Conference Friday, March 6, 2009, 1:45 pm Room: Superior Organizers: Ernst Hafen, ETH Zurich, Switzerland, and Alexey Veraksa, University of Massachusetts Boston, USA.

Drosophila JCB - Regulation of Notch signaling by Drosophila

The Journal of Cell Biology © The Rockefeller University Press, 0021-9525/2004/09/1069/11 $8.00 The Journal of Cell Biology, Volume 166, Number 7, September 27, 2004 1069–1079

Wednesday, March 30, 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm ECDYSONE

Michael E. Clark University of Rochester Wolbachia Require Host Microtubules and Dynein for Anterior Localization in the Drosophila Oocyte. Patrick M. Ferree 1, Horacio M. Frydman 2, Jennifer M. Li 2, Jian Cao1, Eric Wieschaus 2, William Sullivan 1 1 University of California, Santa Cruz; 2 Princeton University ...

Phylogenetic taxonomy in Drosophila

[Fly 3:1, 1-5; Jan/Feb/Mar 2009]; ©2009 Landes Bioscience 1 Fly 2009; Vol. 3 Issue 1 The genus Drosophila is one of the best-studied model systems in modern biology, with twelve fully sequenced genomes available.

LAB #11: Drosophila Genetics

AP Biology—Lab 11 Page 1 of 8 LAB #11: Drosophila Genetics Objectives: • Conduct an experiment using live organisms, a subset of the population of Drosophila melanogaster.

Drosophila Neuroanatomy Lab, Biol 635

Drosophila Neuroanatomy Lab, Biol 635 Students should use the Guide to Larval Anatomy for orientation in this project: http://www.biol. sc.edu/~vogt/courses/neuro/flylarva.pdf This lab will introduce you to fluorescent microscopy (conventional and confocal) and the neuroanatomy of larval ...

Drosophila melanogaster 's history as a human commensal

Magazine R77 evidence of reproductive isolation as a result of their differing seasonal preferences. The researchers used nuclear and mitochondrial sequence data to check the phylogenetic relationships of the summer-developing processionary moths with their winter-developing counterparts.

Evolution Lab with Drosophila

Evolution Lab with Drosophila Mark Salata Gordon College Division of Mathematics and Natural Sciences 419 College Dr. Barnesville, GA 30204 msalata@falcon.gdn.peachnet.edu office: (770) 358-5308 fax: (770) 358-5365 Abstract : In order to demonstrate certain aspects of evolution, a hands-on ...

Silvia Bonaccorsi, Maria Grazia Giansanti, and Maurizio Gatti ...

The Rockefeller University Press, 0021-9525/98/08/751/11 $2.00 The Journal of Cell Biology, Volume 142, Number 3, August 10, 1998 751–761 http://www.jcb.org 751 Spindle Self-organization and Cytokinesis During Male Meiosis in asterless Mutants of Drosophila melanogaster Silvia Bonaccorsi ...