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drought in Spain

Outline • Some features of the pluviometric regime in Spain. • Meteorological Drought Monitoring in AEMET. • Historic Drought events in Spain: a Study case (1991-95 episode in South Spain) • Drought management in Spain: The current situation.

Drought Contingency & Emergency Water Management Plan

1 1. INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES The purpose of this Drought Contingency and Emergency Water Management Plan (subsequently referred to as the Plan) is as follows: • To conserve the available water supply in times of drought and emergency • To maintain supplies for domestic water use ...

What is Drought?

What is Drought? Section 16.5 Page 1 The Disaster Handbook 1998 National Edition Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences University of Florida Chapter 16: Extreme Heat and Drought This document is IFAS publication DH 1605.

West Central Texas Drought Conditions Update – January 26, 2012

West Central Texas. Drought Conditions. Update – January 26, 2012. For your 7- Day Forecast, go to: weather.gov/sanangelo

Public health risk assessment and interventions The Horn of ...

WHO/HSE/GAR/DCE/2011.3 Public health risk assessment and interventions The Horn of Africa: Drought and famine crisis July 2011 WHO Disease Control in Emergencies WHO Communicable Diseases Working Group on Emergencies, WHO Regional Offices for Africa and Eastern Mediterranean, WHO Country Offices ...

What is Drought?

What is Drought? Drought is a deficiency in precipitation over an extended period, usually a season or more, resulting in a water shortage causing adverse impacts on vegetation, animals, and/or people.


Drought March 2007 Talking About Disaster: Guide for Standard Messages Drought- 1 Drought AWARENESS MESSAGES Why talk about drought? Droughts have wide-ranging adverse economic, environmental, and social impacts as rivers, reservoirs, groundwater levels, and soil moisture all drop.

on ...

Climate Change, Drought and Early Warning on Western Native Lands Workshop Report 9-11 June, 2009 Jackson Lodge,

Top 10 natural disasters with highest numbers killed, 1974-2007

DROUghT << 34 >> Desertifi cation has its greatest impact in Africa, where some two thirds of the continent are covered by desert and drylands, and are affl icted by frequent and severe droughts.


1 Drought Drought Stress (left) and Non-stress (right) plots. Note differences in plant height, width, and color between treatments Due to the unpredictable nature of rainfall during the growing season, field screening of common bean for drought tolerance can be difficult as unpredictability ...