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University of Dundee: Department of Forensic Medicine

Department of Forensic Medicine, University of Dundee Lecture Notes Bodies from Water Overview Investigation Circumstances & Manner of Death Drowning : Pathological signs Atypical drowning , Drowning tests Effects of Immersion SUMMARY 1.

about injuries

World Health Organization Injuries & Violence Prevention Non-Communicable Diseases and Mental Health www.who.int/ violence_injury_prevention/ F A C TS about injuries In 2000, an estimated 409 272 people drowned, which makes drowning the second leading cause of unintentional injury death globally ...

Injury and Violence Prevention

12 Drowning Description: Drowning occurs when breathing is impaired because water or another liquid blocks a person's airway. washington State goal Statement To decrease deaths and hospitalizations due to unintentional drowning national Healthy People 2010 objectives • Reduce unintentional ...

Unintentional Drownings Among New York State Residents, 1988-1994

Medical or other conditions listed as a joint cause of death, contributing condition, or significant condition for drowning victims—New York State, 1988-1994 Condition Number Percent a Injury 47 5.3 Hypothermia 18 2.0 Seizure 35 4.0 Heart disease 31 3.5 Other b 12 1.4 a Percent of total drowning victims (N=883).


Malaysian J Path01 1992; 14(2): 77-83 REVIEW Drowning R Sarvesvaran DMJ (Lond), MD (For. Med) Department of Pathology, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur Abstract A body recovered from the water does not necessarily imply that death was due to drowning.


Guidelines for Safe Recreational-water Environments Final Draft for Consultation Vol. 2: Swimming Pools, Spas and Similar Recreational-water Environments August 2000 CHAPTER 2 DROWNING, INJURIES AND POOL SAFETY MANAGEMENT

Childhood Drowning

Childhood Drowning RobynJ. Meyer, MD, MS,*Andreas A. Theodorou, MD,*Robert A. Berg, MD* † Author Disclosure Drs Meyer, Theodorou, and Berg did not disclose any financial relationships relevant to this article.


1 Report from the Ohio Commission on the Prevention of Injury 2003 Defining The Problem Drowning is always fatal. It is any death from asphyxiation within 24 hours of submersion in liquid, most often water.


DROWNING VICTIMS at REGULATED FACILITIES Swimming Ability 1987-2007 28% 44% 28% Swimmer 69 Unknown 45 Non-Swimmer 45 It is commonly thought that most drowning victims are "non-swimmers".

Child Drownings

Nineteen (19) of the victims were male and four (4) were female. 1 The Child Fatality Review Team has analyzed the circumstances surrounding deaths due to drowning and has come up with the following recommendations to reduce the drowning deaths of our children. that could help a young child climb it.