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Pacific Drums and Percussion 3-Year Limited Warranty This warranty protects the original retail purchaser only. If a covered product or component fails due to a manufacturing or material defect, Pacific will repair or replace the product at no charge.


Last updated Febraury 2, 2010 $755 $670 $640 ply choice+$30 ply choice+$30 ply choice+$30 ply choice+$30 $625 $520 TOMS/BASS DRUMS SIZE 6-PLY 8-PLY 10-PLY BIRCH ACRYLIC HYBRID 6" tom or octoban $425 $465 $485 ply choice+$30 $590 $685 8" tom $455 $495 $515 ply choice+$30 $615 $700 10" tom $475 $ ...

When and How to Inspect Brake Drums

Since 1923, Gunite has been designing and manufacturing brake drums for the heavy-duty commercial vehicle industry. Today, Gunite continues to be the industry standard with heavy-duty brake drums as standard equipment with more OEMs than any other brake drum manufacturer.


Installing Ocean Way Drums Platinum Customers: Installing Ocean Way Platinum: - Run the Ocean Way Drums Platinum installer provided on the external hard drive.

Micing the Drum Set

The toms: The toms (officially known as tom-toms) are one-sided drums, slightly deeper in size and pitch than the snare drum, which are placed left to right behind the snare and high-hat and over the kick drum.

55-Gallon Open Head Plastic Drum

•This drum is designed for easier manual handing; its unique parallel body can withstand the rigors of the toughest industrial environment; and it can be stacked, palletized or neatly containerized in an ISO freight-shipping container. p l as tic Valérex plastic drums can be stacked, palletized or neatly ...

55-Gallon Steel Drum

• DOT/UN performance test results enable the Spiraltainer drum to be used in the transport of hazardous materials for packing groups I, II and III. steel Four 55-gallon Spiraltainer drums placed side by side occupy less space than four ANSI configuration 55-gallon drums.

Rhythm Ride News

Rhythm Ride News September 2008 Volume 1, Issue 1 Drums Not Guns, (214)641-0782, DNG @drums .org, www.drums.org/dng MAC Grant Award On Sept 2nd, the McKinney City Council approved the award of an $8,000 grant to Drums Not Guns for the Oct 2008 to Sept 2009 season.


For review, we were sent a six-piece spotted gum kit (9-ply 16x22 kick, 5-ply 7x10 and 8x12 PRODUCT CLOSE-UP BRADY by Michael Dawson Spotted Gum Ply Drumset With Wandoo And Kosaka Block Snares MODERN DRUMMER• MARCH 2010 If you're unfamiliar with the lively "crack" of Brad y drums, drums, check out Aaron Comess's ...

System Operations Advisory SOA 2009-01

Plastic Drums For Projects Let on or after August 6, 2009 Effective August 6, 2009, MDOT will no longer require the use of lights on plastic drums on MDOT projects or local