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Classic Maple Bass Drum Configuration Guide

Classic Maple Floor Tom Configuration Guide Finish Size Lugs 0R Black Sparkle 12x14 CL Classic Lugs 32 Blue Sparkle 14x14 ML Mini Classic Lugs 0C Champagne Sparkle 13x15 LL Long Lugs 33 Gold Sparkle 14x15 54 Green Sparkle 14x16 88 Indigo Sparkle 16x16 26 Purple Sparkle 16x18 27 Red Sparkle 0S ...

YAM AHA Mesh Drum Stool

YAM AHA Mesh Drum Stool Mesh Seat Offers Great Comfort The mesh fabric used on this drum stool's seat provides ventilation that prevents buildup of moisture and heat.

Longhorn Band The University of Texas - Drumline

Snares, tenors, and bass drums all play at the flattest angle possible. This is the first step to achieving our sound. It ensures maximum rebound from the drumhead, and a dark, fundamental based tone.

Electric Steel Drum *LINK*

Electric Steel Drum *LINK* Posted By: ESDPanman Date: 16, April 06, at 1:40 a.m. Welcome to the birth of a new era in steel drums. Presenting a "proof of concept" electronic steel drum.

Cherie Willoughby's

But all in all, I am really just another avid coll ector and player of all things percussive and still get a lot of enjoyment out of getting to play, handle and see all the items that come through my shop. Cherie Willoughby's REPERCUSSIONS.ORG Vintage & Custom Drums with a Woman's Touch

Gretsch Drums Retail Price List Effective January 1, 2012 ...

1 “Those who know play Gretsch” www.gretschdrums.com . Gretsch Drums Retail Price List Effective January 1, 2012

ORNL Fiber 41 Gallon Drum Specification

Receiver Inspection Quality Control (QC) Checklist for Incoming Fiber Drums QC Conformance Y/N << " No's " to be documented on form UCN-11457, with checklist 1 Drum condition Drums in good physical condition; are dry, no physical damage. 2 Capacity Drum is capacity specified in Order/Catalog ...


4 Mapex Drum & Hardware 2010 Suggested Retail Price List, 02/22/10 Features • 6-ply, 7.5mm Bass Drums, 5.1mm Toms, Maple and Walnut Shells • Eight coat, hand applied deep gloss lacquer finish • Exclusive Isolated Mounting System ™ on all tom toms and floor toms • Exclusive Isolated ...

GEAR - WEAR & TEAR Whitney Drums: - herell

GEAR - WEAR & TEAR088 Nesting Penguin XT-5 20” X 18” Kick 14” X 5” Snare 10” X 7” Tom 13” X 9” Tom 16” X 11” Tom Quickstand

Plastic Drum & Composite IBC Label Guidelines

This paper was prepared and endorsed by the Plastic Drum Institute (PDI)¹ and the Rigid Intermediate Bulk Container association (RIBCA).² The paper will provide a step-by-step process for users of industrial plastic drums & IBC's to help in determining if the appropriate label for their products.