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Causes and Treatment of Stuttering In Young Children

Super Duper ® Handy Handouts! ® Number 65 ©2004 Super Duper ® Publications. All rights reserved. How do I know if my child is stuttering? It is not uncommon for young children to have disfluencies (pauses, repetitions, additions, or prolongations of words/sounds/phrases) in their speech.

All About Drooling

© 2008 Super Duper ® Publications www.superduperinc.com Super Duper ® Handy Handouts! ® Number 183 All About Drooling By Thaashida L. Hutton, M.S., CCC-SLP The salivary glands in our mouth produce as much as 2-3 pints of saliva every day.

Fondamenti Psicologia C (copia)

The story of "Friendship" Nikola Duper Sometimes life surprises us with unexpected developments. Many of you have known me as a humble researcher who studied the crop circle phenomenon.


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Welcome to the SuperDuper! User's Guide!

1 Welcome to the SuperDuper! User's Guide! This guide is designed to get you up and running as fast as possible. We've taken the most common tasks people perform with SuperDuper!, each placed in its own chapter, and have provided step-by-step guidance (including lots of pictures).

Loins - EA. FO R T HE BI G GA M E!

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WEBSITE #4: http://www.cells alive.com/cells/3dcell.htm CLICK ON "take me to the animation" NOW, CLICK ON "animal cell" IDENTIFY THE FOLLOWING CELL PARTS IN THE DIAGRAM BELOW: IDENTIFY THE CELL PART FUNCTION OF THE CELL PART 1.

Super Duper Music Looper Fun Music-Making Software for Kids

Super Duper Music Looper ™ software is a fun, easy way for students to learn the basics of music-making and recording. Kids don't have to know how to read music or play an instrument to make their very own songs.