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Durer Melencolia I

Albrecht Durer Albrecht Durer According to a google cache of http://d.whyville.net/smmk/whytimes/article?id=75 : "... Durer was born May 21, 1471, in a small village outside of Nürnberg, Germany.


ALBRECHT DÜRER'S Renaissance Albrecht Durer's Renaissance: Humanism, Reformation, and the Art of Faith David Hotchkiss Price http://www.press.umich.edu/title DetailDesc.do?id=17733 The University of Michigan Press

For more information, please visit the "Dürer's Alphabet ...

http://www.glees on.us/durer. NOTES FOR THIS PDF VERSION OF THE BOOK: Except for this page, this PDF consists entirely of scans from the 1969 reprint of the 1917 edition.

Albrecht Dürer This MonthInArt Literacy

Albrecht Dürer This MonthInArt Literacy Revised June2009 Page1 Albrecht Dürer ("DYU-rer") 1471-1528 German Renaissance Artist Albrecht Dürer, author and master of painting, drawing, and the graphic arts is considered to be the most famous German artist of all time.

Stag Beetle , Albrecht Dürer

Microsoft Word - Durer_beetle.doc. J. Paul Getty Museum Education Department Who's Afraid of Contemporary Art?

"Praying Hands" by Albrecht Durer (1472-1528 )

"Praying Hands" by Albrecht Durer (1472-1528 ) You may be familiar with this artwork, but you may not have heard the story behind it. When Albrecht was young, he and his friend Franz were studying to be artists while both were working long hours at other jobs.

Humanist Transmissions: Durer, Erasmus and the Print ...

Humanist Transmissions: Dürer, Erasmus and the Print Collection of Ferdinand Columbus Humanist Transmissions: Durer, Erasmus and the Print collection of Ferdinand columbus

Dürer's Nuremberg Legacy:

8 24 Albrecht Dürer, Munich 1999, p. 542; for Maximilian's attitude towards Durer's gift, p. 548, for the appendix reproducing the contemporary correspondence in full, pp. 551-9. 25On the copies see G. Goldberg, 'Zur Ausprägung der Dürer-Renaissance in München, Münchner Jahrbuch der bildenden Kunst ...