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PW-1: Multiple Dwelling Classifications

PW-1: Multiple Dwelling Classifications February 22, 2006 Updated:02/22/06 Michael R. Bloomberg Mayor Patricia J. Lancaster, FAIA Commissioner Purpose: To assist owners, expediters, developers and industry professionals to properly complete Section 10 B of the PW-1 form.


EXISTING DWELLING INSPECTION REPORT (optional form) Lender's Name/Address _____ _____ Borrower's Name(s) _____ Property Address _____ ...

RE: Residential Dwelling Replacement Cost - TWIA MSB Program

Randy Wipf, CIC Vice President - Underwriting/Agent Services MEMORANDUM DATE: Nov 10, 2008 TO: All Agents RE: Residential Dwelling Replacement Cost - TWIA MSB Program Currently, TWIA allows agents to use any valid replacement cost estimator to establish the replacement cost of residential ...

Accessory Dwelling Units: Case Study

Accessory Dwelling Units: Case Study Introduction Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) — also referred to as accessory apartments, second units, or granny flats — are additional living quarters on single-family lots that are independent of the primary dwelling unit.

Dwelling Form

DWELLING FORM Summary of Significant Changes, December 31, 2000 1. Section III. Property Covered, A. Coverage A - Building Property, 2. Additions and extensions to buildings that are connected by a rigid exterior wall, a solid load-bearing interior wall, a stairway, an elevated walkway, or a ...

Dwelling & Homeowners

©2002 Lakeway Training Institute 2 3 3 Dwelling & Homeowners 2.0 TEXAS HOMEOWNERS POLICY 2.1 Coverage forms Homeowner-occupants Tenants-occupants of residential property Residential condominiums owners 2.2 Definitions 2.3 Section I —Property coverage 2.4 Section II—Liability coverage 2.5 ...

Second Dwelling Units - County of Sonoma

Second Dwelling Units PJR-032 Purpose This handout summarizes the regulations of the Sonoma County Zoning Ordinance for second dwelling units. The text of the ordinance is located in Attachment #1.


Table of Contents Preface ..... 5 Introduction ..... 7 Chapter 1 First, just do it ...

Standard Operating Guideline for Combating Single Family ...

Abstract The Olathe Fire Department does not have a clear standard operating guideline that addresses procedures to be used while combating single family dwelling fires.


DWELLING DP 00 01 12 02 DP 00 01 12 02 © ISO Properties, Inc., 2002 Page 1of 8 DWELLING PROPERTY 1 - BASIC FORM AGREEMENT We will provide the insurance described in this policy in return for the premium and compliance with all applicable provisions of this policy.