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Accessory Dwelling Unit Application

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Dwelling Title Types

Updated 1 June 2006 Planning Services INFORMATION SHEET ***** Confused about the different names used to describe a house and the different types of title?

Dwelling Fire Program

Loya Insurance Company Dwelling Fire Program General Underwriting Rules and Guidelines Effective January 20, 2009 Protected Dwellings Only — TDP Form 1 • Policy Term: 1 Year • Maximum Limit: (Owner occupied) $200,000 • Deductible: Select - $250 - $500 - $1000 • Maximum Limit: (Tenant ...

Accessory Dwelling Units - Issues

Foreword n the 1940s and '50s, many American families rented out an extra apartment over I their garages or in the basement of their homes as a way to earn some extra income to help with the mortgage payment or with other household expenses.

Establishing an Attached

Establishing an Attached Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Updated May 12, 2011 . This Client Assistance Memo (CAM) explains the requirements and process for establishing attached accessory dwelling units ...

Chapter 11: Adaptable Dwelling Units, Condominiums

TOPIC: Accessible Design - UBC/11/#5 CODE: Structural Specialty Code: 1998 Edition REVISED: March 1, 1999 REFERENCE: Sections 1106, 1108 and 1110 - Structural Specialty Code SUBJECT: Adaptable Dwelling Units, Condominiums and Special Residences QUESTION : 1.


1867 N ARROWING THE D EFINITION OF "D WELLING " U NDER THE F AIR H OUSING A CT Karen Wong * The Fair Housing Act was enacted in order to protect certain groups against discrimination in housing.

The Dwelling Place, Inc. Annual Report 2008-2009

The Dwelling Place, Inc . 610 E. Diamond Avenue Suite 300 Gaithersburg, MD 20877 (240) 631-1988 (240) 631-9094—fax STAFF Miriam Gandell Executive Director (240) 631-1988 Sebiila Jacobs Odin Program Manager (240) 631-9143 Jill Hurd Case Manager (240) 631-9142 The Dwelling Place 610 E. Diamond ...

Predicting the Probability for Falls

Predicting the Probability for Falls in Community-Dwelling Older Adults Background and Purpose. The objective of this retrospective case- control study was to develop a model for predicting the likelihood of

The Dynamic Theory of Dwelling

WANDERING IN DWELLING By REBECCA L. WOLFORD A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of MASTERS OF SCIENCE IN ARCHITECTURAL THEORY WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY School of Architecture and Construction Management DECEMBER 2008