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31 00 00 - EARTHWORK

RELEASE - R1.2 SECTION 31 00 00 BART FACILITIES STANDARDS SAVE DATE: 8/19/2004 7:58 AM PAGE 1 OF 20 STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS SECTION 31 00 00 EARTHWORK PART 1 - GENERAL 1.01 SECTION INCLUDES A. Staking and grades B. Existing utilities C. Earthwork general requirements D. Subsurface extraction E ...


Section 02200 - Earthwork Specifications Page 02200 - 1 02200 - EARTHWORK (Revised 10/25/04) SELECTED LINKS TO SECTIONS WITHIN THIS SPECIFICATION Part 1 - General Clearing and Grubbing Subgrade Preparation Part 2 - Products Compaction - Min Requirements Testing Frequency Part 3 - Execution ...

Earthwork Manual r06

earthwork -1 department of transportation earthwork prepared by the dot state-wide laboratory accredidation training group and the bureau of personnel


Earthwork Representation - CFLHD Guidelines Page 2 November 2011 Introduction This document provides a guide to the Central Federal Lands standard procedure for calculating and representing earthwork volumes in the plans.

Standard Specifications: Part 300 - Earthwork

SECTION 301 GENERAL INFORMATION FOR EXCAVATION 301.1 STRIPPING When stripping is indicated on the plans or specified in the special provisions, the Contractor shall strip the soil from the designated areas to the depths shown or specified or as directed by the Engineer.

chapter 4 section 19

4-19.1 Earthwork Chapter 4 Construction Details Section 19 Earthwork 4-1901 General Earthwork includes operations connected with roadway excavation, blasting, structure excavation, backfill, ditch excavation, compaction, embankment construction, and borrow excavation.

Standard Specifications Manual SERIES 100 - EARTHWORK

Earthwork 2 ITEM NO. 101 PREPARING RIGHT OF WAY 101.1 Description This item shall govern the preparation of the right of way for construction operations by removal and disposal of all obstructions from the right of way and from designated easements, where removal of such obstructions is not ...


Greenroads™ Manual v1.5 Materials & Resources MR-3 Earthwork Balance EARTHWORK BALANCE GOAL Reduce need for transport of earthen materials by balancing cut and fill quantities.


REV. DATE NOVEMBER 2007 CHAPTER 19 EARTHWORK PLOTTING OF CROSS-SECTION SHEETS 19-1 For most projects, cross-sections are plotted on a horizontal and vertical scale of 1″= 10′.


January 2006 EARTHWORK, LANDSCAPING, EROSION CONTROL 200-1 SECTION 200. EARTHWORK, LANDSCAPING, EROSION CONTROL General. Contact your District Office and Environmental Coordinator, check the Commitment File, read any permits (e.g. Section 404 or 401) and determine if there are any special right ...