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The Economists' Quartet A Game, not a Theory

Darmstadt Discussion Papers in Economics No. 109, 2002: The Economists' Quartet A Game, not a Theory Sandra Gruescu and Niels Peter Thomas Arbeitspapiere des Instituts für Volkswirtschaftslehre Technische Universität Darmstadt ISSN: 1438-2733


2 Economists as Worldly Philosophers By Robert J. Shiller and Virginia M. Shiller Abstract: While leading figures in the early history of economics conceived of it as inseparable from philosophy and other humanities, there has been movement, especially in recent decades, towards its becoming an ...

Economists' Contribution to the Study of Crime and the ...

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Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-11 Edition

1 Economists Significant Points •* Slower*than*average*job*growth*is*expected,*as*the* vast*majority*of*bachelor's*degree*holders*in*econom-ics*find*employment*in*closely*related*fields,*such*as* business,*finance,*or*insurance.

Getting Started in Stata Without Losing Time

Figure1: Stata Window 1TheStataUser Interface Figure 1 shows how Statalooks (in MS Windows, the general layout is similar on other platforms). At the bottom you seethe Command line.

Is There a Free-Market Economist in the House?

Journal of Labor Research 17(4): 725-734. ——. (2006). "Do Economists Agree on Anything? Yes!" Economists'Voice November. 334 The AmericanJournal of Economics and Sociology

Economists, Value Judgments, and Climate Change

GDAE Working Paper No. 07-03: Economists, Value Judgments, and Climate Change Economists, Value Judgments, and Climate Change: A View from Feminist Economics

How economists see the environment

Nature © Macmillan Publishers Ltd 1998 8 Don Fullerton and Robert Stavins On a topic such as the environment, communication among those from different disciplines in the natural and social sciences is both important and difficult.

The ChinaSyndrome: Local Labor Market Effects of Import ...

Beginning in the 1990s, the literature developed rapidly as economists sought to understand the forces behind rising U.S. wage inequality. While in the 1980s, trade in the form of foreign outsourcing was associated with modest increases in the wage premium for skilled manufacturing labor (Feenstraand ...