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Aeneid (11). But even so I have found it impossible not to ...

NARRATE AND DESCRIBE: THE PROBLEM OF EKPHRASIS* By D. P. FOWLER The subject of ekphrasis, and in particular of the ekphrasis of works of art, has recently begun to receive a great deal of attention from classical scholars.'

Ekphrasis: An Artist's Journey

1 Ekphrasis: An Artist's Journey Prelude The Golden Legend manifest in Medieval hearts: it sleeps now. Fruition in Giotto: it sleeps in fresco now.


THE ART OF DEPICTING PAINTING: RAFAEL ALBERTI AND HIS POETIC EKPHRASIS by MARÍA DEL PUIG ANDRÉS (Under the Direction of DR. LUIS CORREA-DÍAZ) ABSTRACT Rafael Alberti (1902-1999), member of Generación del (19)27, is well known for his love of painting, which has represented him in literary ...

"The Servant-Girl at Emmaus (After a Painting by Velazquez)"

"The Servant-Girl at Emmaus (After a Painting by Velazquez)" Denise Levertov's Religious Ekphrasis Cristina G IORCELLI * University of Rome Three "joy in the world as it is, in life as it is, in every hour of life in this world, as that hour is."

Mark G. Shiffman

A Platonic Reading of Vergil's Aeneid Mark G. Shiffman WHEN VERGIL BEGAN TO WRITE the Aeneid in 27 B.c.,' he had good reason to expect that it would displace Homer's epics as the staple of education for young Romans.

Rhetography: A New Way of Seeing the Familiar Text

The term rhetography emerges from blending of both the linguistic and the pictorial turns that is occurring at the beginning of the twenty-first century. 4 The term has an important relation to the ancient progymnastic rhetorical exercise of ekphrasis or ecphrasis ( ekphrasis) in ancient Greek literature ...

EKPHRASTIC POETRY: Exploring the Visual Arts with a Poet's Eye

James A. W. Heffernan defines ekphrasis as "the literary representation of visual art." In his book, Museum of Words : The Poetics of Ekphrasis from Homer to Ashberry , he states that ekphrasis is "Composed from the Greek words ek (out) and phrazein (tell, declare, pronounce), ekphrasis originally ...

Intermediality in Film: A Historiography of Methodologies

In fact, ekphrasis , as Bolter and Grusin have pointed out, can actually be considered a form of remediation (1999, 151-152). Again, we can think of several instances of cinematic intermediality in Godard's films in which one medium becomes the mirror of the other in such and ekphrastic way.

The real Climax of Vergil's Aeneid VI

1 The real Climax of Vergil's Aeneid VI Horatio Caesar Roger Vella There have been many studies on the structure of the Aeneid , and of the particular books it is composed of.