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Ordinance, Syllabus

Study and writing with in notations the following Taalas in Layakari Aad, Kuaad & Biaad - Teentaal, Zaptaal, Rupak, Ektaal, Aada Chartaal, Dhamar, Sultaal, Teevra, Dadra, Khemta.

Science focus

Ektaal is an attempt to understand India and to develop relationships which work on the basis of mutual respect, shared skills, shared interests and adult conversation between equals. 5 Summer 2010 Macquarie Matters

The Taal

... be either slow (vilambit), medium (mandhya) or fast (drut)) The "Sam" (this is the beginning of the cycle and the first beat of any cycle is usually stressed) The "Avartan" (this is the basic cycle) There are about 50 to 60 taals and the most popular ones are Teentaal, Dadrataal, Jhaptaal, Ektaal ...

Indian Vocal Music ~ The Gayaki

The vilambit section is usually played in ektaal of 12 beats whereas the fast one is played in drut teentaal or drut ektaal. Tarana Tarana is based on the use of meaningless syllables in a very fast rendition.


Ektaal Kaida 2. Cango - Basanoua 3. Naal - Variation of Theka November 20 1. Ektaal Kaida (contd.) 2. Ektaal Tukra 3. Congo- Time Safari December 21 1.

Tabla Kal Nikas English Version Part 1 Rev. 1

Likewise EkTaal is Tisra Jaati Taal (12 Matras are divisible by 3), ZapTaal is Khanda Jaati Taal (10 Matras are divisible by 5); Roopak Taal is

Raga Rasa Healing2

Taal Taal ◊Shaantha and Karuna Rasa ◊Vilambit Laya-slow tempo ◊Ektaal 48 beats ◊Shaantha and Karuna Rasa ◊Vilambit Laya-slow tempo ◊Ektaal 48 beats ◊Shringaara-Rasa ◊Madhya Laya - medium tempo, teental ◊Veera Rasa ◊Drut Laya - fast tempo ◊Shringaara-Rasa ◊Madhya Laya - medium ...

Second Year Vocal / Instrumental Examination

Two compositions in two different taals and one dhun including alankaar Recognize the ragas with Swaras "Vande Mataram" and "Jan Gan Man" Knowledge of Taal with hand and notations : Ektaal, Chautaal, Jhaptaal


Teen Taal, Ektaal, Rupak, Kehraw, Dadra, Chautal 20 20 20 20 20 xiv. Physics a) B.Sc. Part-I* b) B.Sc. Part-II* c) B.Sc. Part-III* 30 30 40

North Maharashtra University , Jalgaon.

(a) Detailed knowledge of following Taals: 1) Dadra 2) Rupak 3) Trital 4) Ektaal 5) Zaptal 6) Choutal 7) Keharva. (b) Recognition of above taalas on Table writing and showing the above taalas in original laya and Dugun with their sings.