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J. Org. Chem. 2000.65:1210-1214

Microwave-Induced Esterification Using Heterogeneous Acid Catalyst ina Low Dielectric Constant Medium KonradG. Kabza,*Brian R. Chapados, JasonE. Gestwicki, and Jessica L. McGrath Department of Chemistry, State University of New York College at Fredonia, Fredonia, New York 14063 Received March 23 ...

La thérapie des Champs ÉlectroMagnétiques Pulsés (CEMP)

La thérapie des Champs ÉlectroMagnétiques Pulsés (CEMP) pour l'arthrose Cette nouvelle approche thérapeutique a fait l'objet de recherches médicales à double insu • Trock (USA 1993-1994): Cou et genou • Barovic (Allemagne 2000): Genou • Nicolakis (Autriche 2002): Genou • Jacobson ...

Recent Advances in Microwave- Assisted Synthesis

Power Electromagn. Energy 1995 , 30 , 27. (l) Microwaves in Organic Synthesis ; Loupy, A., Ed.; Wiley-VCH: Weinheim, 2002. (m) Collins, M. J., Jr. CEM Corporation, Matthews, NC.

Maritime electromagnetism and DRDC Signature Management research

Lar´eduction des signatures ´electromagn´etiques, lad´et erminationdesniv eaux tol´er ables et lad´efinition de tactiquesetde proc ´eduresop´erationnelles constituenttoutesd'imp or tan tesacti-vit´es`acourtterme.


research support fur plasma diagnostics on elmo bumpy torus-develupment of a multichannel hall-probe diagnostic instrument ion and modeling of ebt electron rings kenneth h. carpenter and robert h. booker october 1983 4 ering electromagn etics


Electromagn.Compat.,594–600,Aug.2006. 8.Khalaj-Amirhosseini,M.,“Analysisofperiodicoraperiodic coupled nonuniform transmission lines using the Fourier series


F. Mustafa, M. Faryad and Q.A. Naqvi, "Fractional dual solutions using calculus of differential forms," J. Electromagn. Waves Appl. 22, 399-410, 2008.

Electromagnetic Compatibility in the Defense Systems of ...

RTO-TR-059 AC/323(SET-005)TP/22 NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANISATION RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY ORGANISATION BP 25, 7 RUE ANCELLE, F-92201 NEUILLY-SUR-SEINE CEDEX, FRANCE RTO TECHNICAL REPORT 59 Electromagnetic Compatibility in the Defense Systems of Future Years (La compatibilit´e ´electromagn ...

How industrial plants benefit from apron feeder magnetic ...

These were the first large electromagn ets with rectangular cores installed anywhere in the world. Eriez has installed many of these duri ng the past 30 years (Table 1).

Electromagnetic Navigational Bronchoscopy

VATAP then conducted multiple searches of MEDLINE®, EMBASE®, SciSearch®, and BIOSIS® covering the years 1990 to the present, for primary studies using a wide variety of free text phrases and index terms to retrieve ENB such as: electromagn* navigation* or electromagn* bronchscop* or flexible ...