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What is an electromagnet?

160 Chapter 10 Figure 10.8: The simplest electromagnet uses a coil of wire, often wrapped around some iron or steel. In the picture, the arrows indicate the direction of current.


Lesson Plan Paul Wade Title : JUNKYARD WARS- INVESTIGATING MORE ELECTROMAGNETS Problem to be studied: How can the strength of an electromagnet be changed?

Making an Electromagnet

T EACHING L EARNING C OLLABORATIVE (TLC) P HYSICAL S CIENCE Making an Electromagnet Grade 4 Created by: Maria Schetter (Terrace Heights Elementary School), Stella Winckler (Lucerne Elementary School), Karen Facey (Kelseyville Elementary School), Gail Marshall (Minnie Cannon Elementary School ...


Aurora Alive ©1997-2007 Geophysical Institute, UAF Make an Electromagnet MAKE AN ELECTROMAGNET (MODIFIED FOR ADEED) Overview: Students work together to make an electromagnet by creating a circuit using 6-volt batteries.

The Strength of Electromagnets

One way to make a temporary magnet is to pass an electric current through a wire wrapped around a core made of a magnetic substance, such as an iron nail. This is called an electromagnet.


Problems Research Can the strength of an electromagnet be changed by changing the voltage of the power source? Can the strength of an electromagnet be changed by changing the amount of wire wrapped around its core?

Building an Electromagnet Worksheet

Team Name: _____ Date: _____ Names: _____ and _____ Building an Electromagnet Worksheet 1.

Activity 2 - Electromagnets

Materials •*Thin*insulated*wire •*pencil •*battery •*compass •*paper*clips Figure B - Electromagnet made by using a battery, a pencil and thin, insulated wire.

Electromagnet force control

Electromagnet force control 42 3 Electromagnet force control 3.1 Introduction The multivariable vehicle suspension control system proposed in Chapter 1 requires electromagnetic force actuators which are independent, and suitably linear and stable, in order to decouple and control the vehicle ...

Electromagnet analysis

Electromagnet analysis 18 2 Electromagnet analysis 2.1 Introduction The characteristic behaviour of the electromagnets used to suspend the experimental research vehicle must be analysed and modelled before an electromagnet control law can be synthesised.