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Volume-rendered3D CToftheMesenteric Vasculature:Normal ...

ElliotK.Fishman,MD Multi–detectorrowcomputedtomography(CT)offersimportantadvan tagesovermoreconventionalimagingmethodsintheevaluationofthe mesentericvasculature.Itallowsfasterscanning,whichpracticallyelimi

Lymphoma of the Lung: CT Findings

711 0361-803X/91/1564-0711 ©American Roentgen Ray Society Lymphoma of the Lung: CT Findings in 31Patients Elaine A. Lewis1 Cynthia I. Caskey1'2 ElliotK.

441 MR imaging of hemorrhagic conditions of the head

Wholey, M.D. Cardiovascular/Interventional Imaging Daniel A. Henry, M.D. Chest Imaging ElliotK. Fishman, M.D. Computed Tomography WilliamM. Thompson, M.D. Gastrointestinal Radiology RichardG.

Small-Bowel Diverticulitis:

271 Small-Bowel Diverticulitis: CT Findings Susan Greenstein1 Bronwyn Jones1 ElliotK. Fishman1 JohnL. Cameron2 Stanley S. Siegelman1 Three patients with subsequently proven small-bowel diverticulitis were studied with preoperativeCT.

An EfficientOn-the-Fly Cycle Collection

An EfficientOn-the-Fly Cycle Collection Harel Paz? 1, DavidF. Bacon?? 2, ElliotK. Kolodner??? 3, Erez Petran k† 1, and V. T. Rajan ‡2 1 Dept. of Computer Science, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa 32000, Israel. 2 IBMT.J. Watson Research Center 3 IBM HaifaResearch Lab Abstract.


ElliotK.Fishman,MD ConventionalandAtypicalAntipsychotics 696 andtheRiskofHospitalizationforVentricular ArrhythmiasorCardiacArrest RosaLiperoti,MD,MPH;GiovanniGambassi,MD;

HumanImmunodeficiencyVirus1Infection, Cocaine ...

WenjingTong,MD,PhD;JohnG.Bartlett,MD;JosephMargolick,MD,PhD;ElliotK.Fishman,MD Background:Althoughcocaineuseandhumanimmu nodeficiencyvirus(HIV)infectionhavebeenlinkedwith

Distinguishing stress fractures from pathologic fractures ...

Skeletal Radiol (2005) 34:245-259 DOI 10.1007/s00256-004-0872-9 REVIEW ARTICLE LauraM. Fayad IhabR. Kamel Satomi Kawamoto David A. Bluemke FrankJ. Frassica ElliotK.

San Diego Surf Soccer Club

Page 7 Boys Under-8 Blue Boys Under-8 White Coach: Joseph Panian Team Manager: Patty Maysent Asst. Manager: Kelly Harrington Justin Bartell Charles Bieler Brycen Cady Dylen Crispen John Davidson Charles Duckett NathanR Freeman Slater Howe James Maysent Connor Mc Croskey ElliotK Patrick Jose Perez Zachary Tripp ...

Purchasing Cooperatives for Small Employers: Performance and ...

Purchasing Cooperatives for Small Employers: Performance and Prospects ELLIOTK. WICKS and MARKA. HALL Economic and Social Research Institute; Wake Forest University I ntheearly 1990s, an umber of forces converged to create anew vehicle for small employers to jointly purchase health insurance ...