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Sage Alerting Systems Digital ENDEC Page 1 of 4 August 2010 SAGE Digital ENDEC The Digital ENDEC 1 uses an internal AES/EBU interface, LAN support, and a Web Browser based interface to support a new generation of EAS users.

Sage Alerting Systems Service Bulletin #1, Audio Levels

For the Sage Digital ENDEC 3644, with firmware versions 1.0h/79 or less.

Emergency Encoder/Decoder System - Model 1822

Sage EAS ENDEC - Contents 3 Sage ENDEC Manual Rev 1.5 1. Quick Start 7 1.1 What you need to know about EAS 7 1.2 Bench Testing 8 1.3 Hookup 8

SAGE Endec Support Info

1 SAGE Endec Support Info NEW Endecs are shipped with the Printer turned OFF in Menu (See Printer Problems) and need to be programmed with at least the minimum, Call Sign, Local Area and Date/Time/UTC info.

Sage ENDEC Alerting Systems

Sage ENDEC Alerting Systems Radio Systems Products All EAS encoders/decoders are not created equal. The Sage ENDEC provides user friendly programming and operation through a computer interface with easy to use software, or directly from the front panel via four button ATM-style controls.

OEM Thermal Printer Replacement for the Sage-Endec EAS ...

Overview: Over time, many thermal printers supplied with the Sage-Endec EAS Encoder-Decoder have failed due to use. The most common failure mode has been the inability to advance the thermal paper properly causing multiple strike over of the text and illegible printing, or failure of the thermal ...


USER GUIDE The "ULTIMATE" REMOTE CONTROL AND AUTOMATION INTERFACE MODULE FOR THE SAGE-ENDEC MODEL 1822 E. A.S. ENCODER/DECODER Software Version 1.4 D. Mandelbaum Engineering 2174 Chandler St. Camarillo, CA 91345-4611 805-987-7881 www.DME ngineering. com 1

EAS-4 preliminary book

The ENDEC does not communicate back to the EAS-4 that a test or macro has actually run, only that the ENDEC took the sequence of commands without error, so the "Event Okay" relay does not replace your EAS log from the ENDEC showing the actual status of the EAS message. ** Sage & Endec are registered ...

multiple, colocated stations using the SAGE* ENDEC* EAS unit.

CircuitWerkes C W C W Gainesville, FL 32609 (352) 335-6555 / Fax 380-0230 e-mail to: info@circuitwerkes.com http://www.circuitwerkes.com ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ Economical, Multiple Station EAS from one ENDEC* ÿ ÿ Inexpensive, optional rack mount available ÿ ÿ *Sage & ENDEC are Registered Trademarks ...


Generator"type of EAS system. É EAS Sage ENDEC. É EAS Sage ENDEC. É NOAA Weather Radio. É NOAA Weather Radio. É Primary and Secondary É Primary and Secondary AM/FM Radios.