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Drawbacks of endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy

Endothoracic sympathectomy. Proc RSocMed 1942; 35 : 585-586. 2GoetzRH, Marr JAS. The importance of the second thoracic ganglion for the sympathetic supply of the upper extremities.

Spine: Volume 91: 90-97, July 1999, Number 1

Hughes J: Endothoracic sympathectomy. Proc R Soc Med 35: 585-586, 1942 14. Jacobaeus HC: Uber die Moglichkeith die zystoskopie bei untersuchung seroser Hohlungen anzuwenden.

1999-09 Endothoracic goiter with retro-tracheal and pre ...

Endothoracic goiter is a rare clinical entity. This goiter can develop slowly and the patient may be asymptomatic for many years. A significant number of these patients, however, may develop various complications as a result of compression of vital structures or malignancy.

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apicoposterior chest wall Additionally, the parietal pleura and endothoracic fascia surrounding the adherent tumor is incised and the supreme intercostal

Serous Membranes & Cavities

15 Serous Membranes & Cavities Body Cavities The major cavities of the body are within the trunk. They contain visceral organs and serous membrane cavities : Thoracic cavity — is lined by endothoracic fascia.


The pattern of spread may depend upon whether the anaesthetic is injected into the dorsal or ventral compartment of the TPVS. The endothoracic fascia, if present, is thin and not amenable to identification by loss of resistance or ultrasound.


The space is further divided into an anterior (ventral) and posterior (dorsal) compartment by the endothoracic fascia. Studies have suggested that to inject as close to the spinal nerves as possible, this fascial layer should be crossed and local anesthetic deposited into the ventral compartment.

Protocol for the Examination of Specimens from Patients with ...

The endothoracic fascia is located external to the parietal pleura beneath the muscles and ribs of the chest wall. Determining the presence or absence of endothoracic fascial invasion can be difficult on pathologic examination, because the endothoracic fascia lacks distinctive gross and histologic ...

Clinical Anatomy of the Pleural Cavity & Mediastinum

endothoracic fascia From Healey & Hodge 1990 Pleural sac and recesses Pleural sac and recesses

Surgical Resection and Reconstruction for Primary Malignant ...

Most authors recommend that the incision be placed 2 to 4 cm from the margin of the tumor to minimize the risk of local recur-rence. 2-4) Reconstruction of the defect is important to promote good pulmonary function, protect endothoracic organs from infection and trauma, and maintain cosmetic ...